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I recently had a new screen put on my OLED LG 65EF9500 to

Customer Question

I recently had a new screen put on my OLED LG 65EF9500 to replace the one that had problems. My question is that the newer screen does not have the same "pop" and is dull.
Will calibration brighten the picture and bring out more picture "pop". The older screen with all of its problems was very good when it worked properly.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Steven replied 1 year ago.

The short answer is NO calibration will only make the TV as good as its capabilities, it can not make it better. I have worked with many LG TV's and are not sure why the picture on yours would be dull, perhaps their is problem with it, does it look as good as it did on display at the store? in most cases they won't look as good as the dealers are displaying very strong 1080p or 4k programming which most cable boxes do not provide. Their are calibration disk like video essentials Click Here

That can be used to calibrate the basic controls or your TV without getting into service menu's. They work quite well.

First off I would suggest making sure the TV does not have a problem, if it is new then you could speak with LG customer service ask to set up service and have a tech check it out to see if it does have a problem or not. A qualified tech will be able to let you know by looking at it to see if it does indeed look normal or not.

Expert:  Steven replied 1 year ago.

Just one other thing, I have replaced many LG screens in the past they always look as good as the original.