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Jack, Technician
Category: TV
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Experience:  40 years experience as audio,video repair and installation tech
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My vizio e470I tv not turning on
, I push the power

Customer Question

Customer: ***** ***** and my vizio e470I tv not turning on
JA: Thanks. Can you give me any more details about your issue?
Customer: I push the power button and the blue light at the bottom shines briefly and then goes out.
JA: OK got it. Last thing — JustAnswer charges a fee (generally around $18) to post your type of question to TV Experts (you only pay if satisfied). There are a couple customers ahead of you. We can help you for less if you're not in a rush. Are you willing to wait a bit?
Customer: ok
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Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Jack replied 1 year ago.

Hello , my name is Jack
Perhaps I can help you with this problem but first i would have a few questions so could you please send me a reply when you see this ?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
What are the questions?
Expert:  Jack replied 1 year ago.

Sorry got locked on another post while waiting for your reply , with you now , be right back

Expert:  Jack replied 1 year ago.

O.k then

Did the tv quit while watching it or simply would not come on today ?
Any electrical storm or power blackout in your area prior to this ?

Expert:  Jack replied 1 year ago.

Does the tv repeat this pattern , I mean you press the power button ,the light comes on and go out and you can repeat this indefinitely ?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The tv would not come on, I had paused an on demand program and the tv went into rest mode after a period of time had passed. I attempted to resume viewing the program and the television would not power up and stay on. A blue light at the bottom of the television would come n and stay on briefly and I could see a red light on the side of the television where the inputs are located but the screen would remain totally black.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No electrical storm n the area.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Yea the light sequence would replicate each time.
Expert:  Jack replied 1 year ago.

O.k then you did not say what you tried so far but first thing ;

Unplug the TV's power cord and hold the power button directly on the tv ,keep holding it for 20 secs or so then let the tv sit unplugged for a couple of minutes before you try it again.
Although i do not expect much out of this procedure , it has to be done to confirm that this problem can be cleared or not with a reset.
If that does not do it then we are looking at internal problems with the tv.

let me know how that goes.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
That did not work.
Expert:  Jack replied 1 year ago.

Ok then as I said , I did not expect much out of it but it had to be tried.

From your description and what I know about this model this looks very much like a defective main board .

how do you want to proceed from here ?
Look into this yourself or the repair shop ?

Let me know and i will help you along if you wish to look into repairing this yourself ,otherwise i will give you the details and costs you could expect.

Expert:  Jack replied 1 year ago.

If you were to look into repairing this yourself then you would need to match your main board with one of the (4 versions made for this model ) main board at the link below and then if not in stock there , with that part number I could find it for you ;

Expert:  Jack replied 1 year ago.

You can see the main boards cost around $70 there .

If that is not your cup of tea so to speak then to have this repaired at home could cost you around $250 parts included and perhaps $50 less if you take it to the shop yourself .

If you need to find repair shops near you then look at the links below and enter your zip code ;
Or this one;

This will give you a list of repair shops in your area.
You could give a call to different shops in your area to get an idea of their rates , it pays to shop around.

If that answers your question please do not forget to rate so i get paid for my time helping you and you can use the reply button before or after rating if you have other questions or need help , thank you

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I would have expected more for the money. Other than an old reset strategy that I tried in some form before actually, I did not receive any information that I couldn't deduce on my own. The end result is what I expected after the television not operating after I unplugged it and tried to "reset" it, I have to fix it myself, which is not likely because I have no experience nor training or desire to, or I have to take it to some one and be charged to have it fixed. I don't know of course if this is the norm, but what is the value added after waiting 7 hours for a reply?
Expert:  Jack replied 1 year ago.

Well...cannot repair your tv from where I`m sitting and those vizio have only THAT procedure that can be tried.

If you are not willing to do this yourself then the repair shop is your next step .

There is just so much that I can do from where I`m sitting , I gave you my experience as a repairman and if you knew the main board was the problem then you should have all the experience you need to replace it yourself , did you know there was 4 versions of it or where to get it or part numbers ?

By the way , you asked your question in the middle of the night so that will cause some delay in the replies.

Again there is so much I can do from where I`m sitting beside giving you info on what is wrong and how to proceed towards arepair and costs expected etc.

Same thing done at home would`ve cost you $125 paid in advanced and repaired or not

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Actually, I called a local repair shop this morning and he ran through the same questions during our conversation and asked if I attempted the same resets that you suggested and then indicated that I would need to bring it in to verify but that it sounded as if there was a problem with the main board. That was without charge and obviously before I presented at the shop with the television or someone came out to fix it.
Expert:  Jack replied 1 year ago.

Well there you go , you got confirmation and the guy just drummed up some business over the phone , I`d do the same if I was local !

Cannot do that here though can I ???

Not doing this because I have nothing to do today now

Expert:  Jack replied 1 year ago.

By the way , ask your guy to come over for free

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Not sure if sarcasm and being condescending is the correct or appropriate response, I was telling you how I felt about the value of the information and how it differed from what I expected for the fee. I think your response is indicative of some who feels like there is validity to my words and you have no logical response that would compel me to change my position.
Expert:  Jack replied 1 year ago.

No sarcasm intended here just pointed out the facts , anyway Use the link below if that is what you want ;

Expert:  Jack replied 1 year ago.

Do not rate anything , that will hinder that refund