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Sony TV KDL40V5100 has Demo Mode Motionflow "off - on" on

Customer Question

Sony TV KDL40V5100 has Demo Mode Motionflow "off - on" on the screen constantly. Also the TV Menu screen comes on the picture (rather connected to the satillite or not); it blinks on and off screen, not long enough to hit additional menu functions; and if able to go to next step in menu screen it blinks then goes back to Picture on menu and have to start over. Have tried going through the functions of shutting off, allowing to reboot - connected and disconnected to DVR, with and without DVR satillite functions connected to TV. HELP! Nothing has worked so far to get rid of these off the TV screen. unknown to my wife or I - we have not changed any functions on the TV since purchase. The only remote used in the past has been the Direct TV and VCR CD remotes. WHAT NEXT to resolve.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Jack replied 2 years ago.

Hello , my name is Jack

Perhaps i can help you with this .

Right now you may need to reset the tv to factory settings and redo the initial setup then select HOME as the tv location instead of RETAIL

Here is how you can do this ;

To reset the TV to factory default settings:
Turn on the TV. Press and hold down the UP button/arrow on the remote, press the POWER button on the TV
set. Release the UP button.
Select Product Support option under Setup menu and select OK on Return settings to factory

Expert:  Jack replied 2 years ago.

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Otherwise let me know and we`ll see what can be done first thing tomorrow

Thank you

Expert:  Jack replied 2 years ago.

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