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Our TV stopped working. What do we do?

Customer Question

Our TV stopped working. What do we do?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Mike G. replied 2 years ago.

Hello, my name is***** am an experienced electronics field technician connected to you via this pay for assistance chat based support service. Your satisfaction is my top priority and in return your positive rating is the only way I will receive credit for my time. To get started we need more information (additional details may be required):
1. What is the full model number of the Tv? see sticker on back of tv
2. How long have you had the Tv?

3. Is there any power led on the front? Is it on or blinking or?


** My replies can take up to 5 minutes to appear **

** Do NOT start a new question **

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I do not know the model no. It's a Samsung LED LCD about 18 months old. The power light is off. There is a button on the back. Pressed and released. Nothing.
Expert:  Mike G. replied 2 years ago.

Unplug the tv power cord.

Wait 3 full minutes.

Plug the tv power cord back in.

Try to turn on the tv.

If that does not work then the tv needs repair- parts and service. I can help you with that if you want to attempt a DIY repair (taking the whole back off the tv, testing, ordering parts). Reply back with the model number to proceed. Otherwise a repair shop will be needed. If you have any extended warranty, time to call them.

I am here to help you. If you need more help reply back. Please be sure to click the POSITIVE RATING now. Doing so does NOT close the question or prevent us from continuing our conversation here. My livelihood truly does depend on your positive rating.

I understand this is upsetting but clicking the "bad/poor" rating does NOT do anything to fix your issue, nor does it issue you a refund.

Thank you,