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Russell H.
Russell H., Service Tech
Category: TV
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I am also tech and electronics engineer. Been in business

Customer Question

Hi, I am also tech and electronics engineer. Been in business for the last 41 years. I am working on Philips plasma tv 50PF9630A/37. This set came in dead, and usual problem was the caps on the power supply board. All of them were puffed up. I changed 7 of them most of them 3300 and 680 caps. Then on trying set came on normally with a nice picture and sound but it shutdown after 3-5 minutes . The led front is blinking 1 slow and 4 slow. This code I did not see it before. So do you know the meaning of this error code. Thanks.
Akin XXXX (Owner)
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: TV
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The red blinking code is 1 Slow and then 4 fast. Please ignore the previous code, it was not 1 slow and 4 slow.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Posted by JustAnswer at customer's request) Hello. I would like to request the following Expert Service(s) from you: Live Phone Call. Let me know if you need more information, or send me the service offer(s) so we can proceed.
Expert:  Russell H. replied 1 year ago.
Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do what I can to provide the right answer to your question.
I regret that I cannot offer a phone call at this time. But I have enough advice for the case, nonetheless:
Blink codes can often be obscure. In this case, the first thing I can recommend to you (though you seem to me to have proceeded very well so far, given that you got picture and sound even if temporarily, by the first thing you tried) that you obtain a service manual for the TV. It will contain information about troubleshooting, and probably (though I cannot be certain) information about blink codes, as well as parts lists, disassembly diagrams (as if you would need them, being obviously experienced! :) and other material that is useful to repairing a TV without haphazardly replacing this board and that.
And that service manual is available from a very reliable source I have been recommending for years without hearing anything bad back, even once, about the service and quality:
One source says 4 blinking lights means the power supply is protecting the +5 V line. That could mean a short circuit in the TV... which really is the sort of problem that could be helped by a good service manual, otherwise parts-swapping may result in expense in this case.
The 3300 microFarad capacitors in this line of TVs are said to be notoriously bad. So replacing them was the right thing to do, but you might want to be more general - and seek out bad 3300 (and other sizes) on the boards of this TV in general.
Also look for burned spots on circuit boards, or brown spots under components... that can be a sign of a shorted component in need of replacing, obviously.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Russell, thanks for the delayed answer but as I said before troubleshooting it with service manual, I have it and done it. I thought you were expert on this Philips tv that you might have an answer for me. Your suggesting are already done. So far nothing came from you. Do you have an answer for me?
Expert:  Russell H. replied 1 year ago.

I regret not having responded to your question sooner. I live in the Eastern United State time zone, so your question came in while I (and many others in the US) were sleeping. I hope that explains some of the delay in your getting a response.

I admit, I tend to estimate my ability and knowledge of Plasma TVs particularly low. I would like to Opt Out, since I have run out of really good suggestions, and open the case to any expert with Philips Plasma TV experience. (This does not involve any extra cost. Also if you'd like to continue with what advice I can offer, considering I am not fully Expert in my own opinion as far as specifically plasma-type TVs are concerned, I have not cut off communication and will still see and respond to any further queries from you.)

I apologize if you have found what advice you have been offered so far to be somewhat disappointing. We try to do our best here at

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks again. Please open the case to any expert with Philips Plasma TV and I will wait to hear from them with their ideas or solutions. I hope all the information that I submitted to you, they will see and response accordingly, right? Must appreciated if I will get earlier reply today. Please make sure that their expert on Philips Plasma TVs.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Russell, I just got a call from my customer, they are giving up on repair on this TV and they are going to buy a new set. So for that reason cancel everything as well as Opening the case for an expert tech. I would like to get full refund please. Your earliest cooperation is appreciated. Please respond and let me know about the Refund. thanks for all your help.