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Russell H.
Russell H., Service Tech
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To whom it may concern I have a replay tv unit 4504 which

Customer Question

To whom it may concern I have a replay tv unit 4504 which need repair is there any service center where I can take it have serviced ? if so please let me know thanks.
Ok Here's the deal recently I bought a replaytv Unit model No.4504 which I bought second hand through an auction within the state that I live in , it worked for a while then suddenly shorted out at first I thought it was the power supply board which I
replaced recently. Course No I got power to it but no screen is there any type center I can take it to have it looked over? if so please let me know thanks Sincerely ***** ***** Duncan
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Russell H. replied 2 years ago.
Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question. Where is your location, please? in terms of nearest city and state, or by zip code or postal code.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Russell Thank you for responding to my question and well to answer you question my city is Keyport NJ Zip 07735
Expert:  Russell H. replied 2 years ago.
This online page may help, though it is for a slightly different model line of ReplyTV boxes: As for where to take it for servicing... that's a difficult question. There is no information on such service locations, that I could find, upon searching.Replay TV as a company was sold (mostly, if not altogether) to DirecTV, and if this phone number is ***** good, call it (it is Customer Support at Replay TV, and they will tell you wat to do to have your Replay TV box sent out for repair, hopefully):(###) ###-####