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Experience:  Studied video technologies before university. I still fix TV's in spare time.
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I am creating a slideshow+music funeral visitation TODAY.

Customer Question

I am creating a slideshow+music for a funeral visitation TODAY. Using a Mac, I burned the video in .mov format onto a Memorex DVD+R DL. It wouldn't play on a Panasonic DVR + TV. I've got new software that will convert .mov into tons of different formats - but which one(s) is optimum??
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Martin replied 2 years ago.
Hi. Mov is now usually a Mpeg4 format (it used to be Sorenson format at one point). Most DVD player are not able to play a variety of codec format like a computer (some are and can read the DVDs as data DVD or even from a or SD card and USB source). Usually a DVD player require to see file in vob encoded in Mpeg2 and those are called video DVD. Those video DVD usually are made in udf file format but most burning app will just give you a "video DVD" burning format. Mpeg2 is not a very efficient compression technique so you can't put as much as you could with Mpeg4 on a data DVD.
Another thing you need to go is to "finalize/close session" the DVD. When doing a video DVD this is most often automatic. The source format of the video does not matter as long as the burning software can understand it, it will always auto convert it to Mpeg2 when video DVD is selected.
Note that with burning DVD (and CD) there is always a possibility that the unit have trouble to read it for a large array of reasons.