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I have a Pioneer Elite Pro-1150HD. I am trying to get sound

Customer Question

I have a Pioneer Elite Pro-1150HD. I am trying to get sound out of my soundbar. I have my Samsung HW-J550 connected via an optical cable to the optical digital out on the TV. The soundbar is on D.IN mode. When I change the input to 003 at the bottom of the screen, I get white noise sound so I know the soundbar is working. However, when I change the input to HDMI4 for cable or HDMI5 for my VCR, I get no audio. When on HDMI 3 or 4 I do get video.
I know longer have the original Pioneer remote and have tried to download the Pro-1150HD to a Harmony remote, but get minimal functions.
It still is a good TV, but I cannot get the audio to function. PLease advise.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Jack replied 2 years ago.
Hello , my name is Jack
Perhaps I can help you with this problem but first note that if you request a phone call , in most cases i can do that but the website charges for this is an EXTRA $18 and NOT TOTAL $18 .
For other billing inquiries phone # *****
That being said ;
You will need to change the optical out from dolby to PCM in the TV's menu .
Can you open the TV's menu ?
If so then here is how its done ;
If that answers your question please do not forget to rate or you can use the reply button before or after rating if you have other questions , thank you .