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Shahid, Technician
Category: TV
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Experience:  I have been repairing electronic gear since 1993 as a qualified Sony tech
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2 days ago my Vizio TV stopped the apps and showed message

Customer Question

2 days ago my Vizio TV stopped the apps and showed message saying it was loading apps. It's still "loading ". I can't get Netflix orfacebook, etc !Please Help ?!! I called Direcy TV and they said it was a TV problem. My wi go is OK .
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Shahid replied 2 years ago.
Hello Nancy, my name is***** be happy to assist you.
Vizio is experiencing an issue with their TV’s continually attempting to update/ load the Amazon or Yahoo bar and other apps etc. Please follow the steps:
1. Unplug power to your router.
2. Perform a Clear Memory or Reset to Default on the TV as this should resolve the issue.
A. Using the VIZIO remote, press the Menu button.
B. Use the Arrow buttons on the remote to highlight System and press OK.
C. Highlight Reset & Admin and press OK.
D. Highlight Reset TV to Factory Defaults and press OK.
E. If you have not manually reset the parental code, please input 0 0 0 0 when it asks for the password.
F. Highlight Reset and press OK.
G. Wait for the TV to turn off.
The TV will turn back on shortly afterward and the Setup App process will begin.
3. Plug power back to router.
4. Perform the setup process and reconnect to your network.
If it doesn't help then disconnect the TV from internet for few hours while Vizio is fixing their server issues and try later to connect TV to internet.
Please reply back with the result and if problem resolved then a positive rating to answer would be highly appreciated.