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Jack, Technician
Category: TV
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Experience:  40 years experience as audio,video repair and installation tech
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My age is 73 years young, but my hearing is not so good. My

Customer Question

My age is 73 years young, but my hearing is not so good. My wife told me to get head phones for watching TV. We have a large flatscreen and all the streaming goes thru our cable box. I would like the best deal for my money. Can U help me?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Jack replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is JackThat's an easy question to answer ;The better bang for the buck here would be a sony wireless headset , here is an example ; here ; will do just fine and will connect directly to the cable box so that you can still have sound out of the tv (or not) at a different sound level.ope this help and please take the time to rate my answer positively (use the stars to rate) if that answers your question as it is the only way i get paid for helping you , otherwise do not rate at all , just let me know and we`ll see what can be done.Note that you can reach me here at any time after rating if you have questions or need help setting this up.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks, ***** ***** texted it was assumed I had a smart phone. I do not. Took me 20 minutes to find the answer. You were great, but the time allocated to find this answer was unacceptable. I hope you get paid, but I will not allow my credit card to be charged. Talk to Amazon about this.
Expert:  Jack replied 2 years ago.
I have no idea what you are saying here about smartphone and why it took YOU 20 minutes to find an answer that came some 5 minutes after you posted your question.
Talk to Amazon ???
Does that mean you won`t be using those links or that you won`t be needing help setting that up ??
No I don't get paid but you`re welcome