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error code 21

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error code 21
Hello and thank you for the question.

What is the model number off of the back of the TV please?

What are the symptoms you're having with the set?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


TV fan(s) kick on at power up for few seconds three times then everything turns off. Error code indicates 21

Thanks for the reply. I saw the error code. When the sets shuts down, before you press the Input and Menu buttons, does the Timer light blink on the set?

Also, when is the last time you replaced your Lamp?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No blinking. Lamp has never been replaced. worked fine yesterday.

Okay. When the set shuts down, does the sound continue, or does the lamp LED light up red?

Lastly, are you certain it's a 2-1 code, and not a 1-2 code?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No sound and no picture and never a red light. just unplugged set (blue led side lamps show for a moment) and plugged back in. after fan cycles, i pressed input and menu button for 5 sec and now get error a repeated flashing 6 blinks ontimer light

Okay, I need some more specifics.

How long have you owned the set for?

Also, when you press power after the Fans, do you hear a slight click and buzz sound? Does this process repeat a few times before it shuts down?

Additionally, try that code retrieval ONE more time, and let me know if it's still 6-6.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

owned for 3 or 4 yrs


just hit power button, one click as normal for tv to start, blue side leds light up and fans start for maybe 10 seconds (like they're running but no buzzing ) and then off threes times. This time red LED light show up. Pressed menu and input and still get 6 flashing lights - pause and 6 flashing lights

You need to replace your Lamp. The 6-6 code indicates "Lamp not installed", "Lamp did not fire", or "Ballast did not fire". The set attempts to start up three times, then the Red LED (Lamp light) shows up. This is all common with a failed lamp. These lamps run hot and typically run between 2-3 years and are consumable components that are designed to fail. The solution is to replace the Lamp in your set with the correct OEM lamp. Try to refrain from buying the $40-$50 lamps on Amazon or from Pureglare as they are NOT rated by Mitsubishi for these sets, and tend to run for a few months at most if they even work out of the box. The link below is to the correct Lamp for your set:


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok just ordered from site you suggested. odd course of error code changes. hope this works. lamp doesnt look burnt but manufacure date was 2008

The lamps typically won't look any different when they are bad, as they are gas charged and can lose their internal gases.

Hello, I just wanted to follow up with you and see If you've received all the information you needed. If not, feel free to reply back to me and I will continue to assist you. Best regards, Aric