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I just move my entertainment system and have put it all back

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I just move my entertainment system and have put it all back together however the my samsung 51" D550 Series 5 3D TV is not working. HDMI port knows that it has a cable pugged in as it says "check connected devices's power, cable connection, and source selection? I have then used the same HDMI cable with another tv and I get a picture so it's not the cable, source or problem with the PVR. It's as if the tv is not accepting the signal? Would love your help on this, thanks very much.

Hello, I'm TV Tech1 and I'll be working with you to identify and help you resolve your problem.


To isolate this problem further, Unplug the TV's power cord, and the HDMI cable, wait 20 minutes, then take a totally different device and plug it in and power up the TV set and device, do not connect the HDMI for at least one minute, then plug it in.


Now see if that new device functions or not. If it does, then try the unit that wasn't working, but make sure you power it on after being unplugged too. Same procedure on that unit, but you don't have to reset the TV, it has already been reset.

Tell me the outcome of those tests, because sometimes the TV or unit needs that reset procedure to get it working correctly.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks very much for your quick reply. Ok, just tried what you suggested and no luck. It's still asking for me to check devices power, cable connection and source selection.

Yeah, it's odd but necessary because an HDMI TV connection isn't reading any signal whatsoever. No 5 volts, no clock or data signals, it's 100% dead on the TV set with that Onscreen response.


The odder're my 3rd "mover" this week. Is this a national event? College doesn't start this late.


Anyways, before we can search for the correct board to replace, we do need you to verify what the model number is. ( PN51D550?)

If wall mounted, you should find a sticker right along the right edge of the cabinet, halfway up. I usually have to lean against the wall right beside it to write it down.

Otherwise stands give you better access to the larger sticker with the model number, and here's an example --





Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Lol, nope not moved just relocated entertainment unit. Replace board? That sounds complicated :) , it's odd because the tv is only just over a year old. Anyway. Model # XXXXX XXXXX

Yeah, I know, it's odd that all that occurred is you unplugged the power cords from your equipment, moved it about 2 feet and suddenly the HDMI doesn't work at all. But I've seen all sorts of weird things occur, from static electricity buildup during moving, to just plugging in the power cord at the wrong time to an erratic connection during the plug in.


Those are the only logical conclusions I can imagine since the 20 minute power down, followed by the one minute power on and finally reconnecting the HDMI didn't clear the HDMI's handshaking and create a new one.


This is reasonably priced --


In comparison to this company it's 1/4 the cost --



Removing isn't hard, There's like 22 screws on the back cover to remove it, 4 on the main board, and maybe 3 to 5 latching connectors that you waddle off the pins.

Probably easier than assembling furniture from a box.







Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok I will give that a try. Thanks for your advice!

Ok that should help you with your HDMI problem. If you have spare cables that match the other type of input jacks on your PVR, You can add them temporarily so you can watch TV on another input, until you get the main board.

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