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I have a Samsung PN50B550T2F plasma TV that isnt functioning

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I have a Samsung PN50B550T2F plasma TV that isn't functioning properly. The display wouldn't come on and I thought that the capacitors in the power supply were likely blown. I laid the TV face down and removed the back cover and inspected the capacitors and they didn't appear to be puffed out towards the top. I plugged the TV in to check the voltage and discovered the crackling and popping sound to be a surge of blue sparks that looked like lightning going up and down the right side of the display around the ribbon cables that connect the display. I noticed that the top right cable was not correctly and firmly seated. I discharged the TV and reseated it, and inspected for damage finding none, and powered the tv display back on. The TV made the start up sound on boot up and then the popping and crackling began again in the same place (ASSY PDP MODULE P-Y-MAIN SCAN UPPER) What is the likely part that needs replaced to correct the problem?
Hello, my name isXXXXX job on the description of the symptoms.

Given the information so far it sounds like the PDP Panel is defective. You certainly can try replacing the Y main and Y buffer boards, but there is no guarantee the new boards won't just blow as soon as you power on the Tv. Unfortunately there is no other way to test if the PDP Panel is the root cause and you cannot repair a defective PDP Panel. Theoretically you could replace/buy a new panel (which usually comes with all the boards except the Power Supply and Main boards) but it is officially no longer available and if found will cost more than $600.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Would this be the correct replacement?

No that appears to be the Main board. Here are the PDP Panel(s):


or google search "S50FH-YB03"

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