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We have am 8 year old Samsung DTV that has lost color. We

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We have am 8 year old Samsung DTV that has lost color. We can still watch programing but there is a buzzing and it's in black and white. is this something we can repair?
Hello, thanks for the question.

If all inputs and the Tv menu are in black and white then that means a failed Color Wheel. You can buy the part and install it yourself with basic hand tools and being very careful. Here is a set of videos showing exactly how to install the part (model may be different but process is the same):
Click here to watch color wheel install video (multi part video)

The part is usually about $100-$150. There are several places to buy the color wheel, just be sure to get the correct one based on the full model number of the Tv:
shop jimmy

If you cannot do this type of repair then a repair shop will charge about $250 just for labor. Keep in mind this Tv will also need a Lamp every few years which is another $150. You can find a local repair shop by entering your info here:
Find you local repair shop

Sorry there is no easy fix, at least you are now informed of your choices. Keep in mind that the information I just gave you normally costs $99-$129 from a repair shop (and they will never give you the DIY option).

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Please remember I am here to provide you with excellent service so if you need more help then REPLY here.

Thank you,
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