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I have a Samsung DLP Projection tv. It is a 67" diagonal TV,

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I have a Samsung DLP Projection tv. It is a 67" diagonal TV, Model HL67A750 and was puchased on 8/12/08.
I've noticed the last couple of months that there are a series of "White lines or pixels" in various sections of the TV screen. It is very noticable when the screen is blacl or during a dark scene during a broadcast. I can't do anything cause I know its an elecrtonic problem.
The problem had started with 1 "white Dot" and has progressed to around a dozen or so white dots. I'm sure that a technician would be able to fix the problem. Can you help?
Hello and thank you for the question.

The pixels are there regardless of what Input you select, and also when you bring up the TV's internal MENU they are present correct?

If so, then as you've correctly surmised, this IS an internal failure and quite a common one on these sets. The question now is, are you looking to repair this yourself, or are you looking for a solid diagnosis and a repair estimate?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No... I don't mess with electronics. Unfortunatly, my father was a TV Tech for close to Fifty years but had passed away some time ago. I would like an answer and an estimate. If I need to make an appoinment, I will.

Thank you for the reply.


This problem is one that is common with your set, and any DLP that uses the Texas Instruments "DLP" chip in the Light Engine. The DLP chip which contains thousands of tiny mirrors on it is the culprit, and each spot that you see, is one of the tiny mirrors failing. The problem will continue to get worse until the DLP chip is replaced, and there are no settings you can adjust, etc. that will fix the issue. The cost of the chip itself is around $250, and the cost to replace the chip is around $200, which unfortunately makes this a pretty hefty repair. It is fairly straightforward for a Technician to do this however, and the set will likely give you another good 5 years of service.



If you'd like, you can use the link below to locate a Tech in your area:



If you need further assistance let me know and please do not forget to rate me before logging off.

Aric and other TV Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is this something that can be done in the home or does it have to go "to the shop"?

If you're referring to having a tech do this, then most shops will come out to your home for a small trip fee to make the repair. If you're referring to doing this yourself in the home, then it all depends on the comfort level you have disassembling electronics, and tinkering. You'd need to pull out the entire DMD board, then replace the chip, making sure it's aligned, then reinstall the board. Some users have no problem doing this, and many report back with a black screen, or out of alignment picture because they did not do something right. Let me know how you'd like to proceed and I will assist any way I can.