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samsung vertical band

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I have a samsung plasma tv with a vertical band near the right side of the screen. The model number is XXXXX The band starts as multi-colored thin strips that eventually go black. It's on the top of the menu. I'm trying to see if it's an expensive or inexpensive repair before putting more money into it. Will attach pics. Thanks!


Hello, my name isXXXXX can assist you. With the information and picture attached the failure can be a few different possibilities. There isn't any test to know which part has failed except trial and error. These are the possible causes, in order of likelihood:
X buffer $20
Logic $25
Main $65
PDP Panel $600

In addition to cost of the part, a repair shop will usually charge $225-$295 for labor, depending on if they come to you or you take the Tv into them. So if you cannot install the parts yourself then the repair can be $250-$900 depending. To locate a trusted repair shop near you just enter your Zip info here:
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Sorry there is no easy fix, at least you are now informed of your choices. Keep in mind that the information I just gave you normally costs $99-$129 from a repair shop (and they will never give you the DIY option).

Now please take a moment to leave a positive rating. Subscription is not required and your question does not close when you rate. Please remember I am here to provide you with excellent service so if you need more help then REPLY here.

You are rating my advice and information NOT how this site works or how your device functions. Again, if you want more information then use the REPLY button (note that a negative rating does not issue a refund).

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Can you describe the steps I'd take to check for the most likely options?

You would have to try each of the circuit boards one at a time until the problem is fixed, in this order:
X buffer $20
Logic $25
Main $65

If none of the boards you try fixes the problem then it is a defective PDP Panel:
PDP Panel $600

Tv disassembly:
Lay blanket on flat surface like table
Lay Tv onto blanket face down with stand hanging off the edge of the table
Remove all screws that hold the back on
Remove back cover
Replace a board
Plug in Tv and test for problem
Continue if needed
Re-assemble when done

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