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On my wD 65731 it will randomly shut off and the green light

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On my wD 65731 it will randomly shut off and the green light will flash several times when it shuts off. It has showed air flow problems in yellow text and indicated will shut down in a few seconds. We have tried blowing it out several times. Sometimes it will stay on for several hours or other times will shut down immediately several times in just a few min
Hello, my name isXXXXX can assist you.

This is a very well known problem for Tv repairmen. The Tv is NOT over heating. There is NOT any problem with airflow. The reason you are getting this message is due to a faulty Thermal Sensor that is incorrectly reporting the temperature inside the Tv. The fix is to replace the Thermal Sensor. The part number of the Thermal Sensor is 299P313010A and costs less than $30. Here is one place to buy the part:
Buy Thermal Sensor Here

Now that you know the fix for your problem you can find a local repair shop to install the part or you can install it yourself. Here is a video showing how to open the Tv and install the sensor:
Watch Thermal Sensor video

Or to find a trusted local repair shop near you just enter your information here:
Find Local Repair shops

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

On the video it says its the connection to the sensor gets oxidized and not the sensor its self. I ordered the sensor, do I need to replace the connector also?

I only linked that video because it shows in great detail how to get to the sensor. You only need to unplug the old sensor and plug in the new sensor. Splicing out the connector was not the official way to fix the problem. As a tech, I have replaced over 250 of those thermal sensors.


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