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Toshiba 40RV52U. Starting a couple years back turn the TV on

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Toshiba 40RV52U. Starting a couple years back turn the TV on the volume would be fine. After a while volume would start increasing by itself. You could turn it back down and it would stay but increase by itself again. Eventually it would just stay increased no matter how much you turned it down. Stopped using the TV for several months. Decided to try using it again and it worked perfectly for about six months. Now the volume starts decreasing by itself. No matter how much you bring the volume up as soon as you let off the volume control the volume goes all the way down and the volume bar stays on the screen. Can I fix this problem?
Hello my name is Anthony
Thanks for the Question

The problem is bad tact switches on the set itself that is the volume control ON THE SET, the contacts of the switches for volume up and down can oxidise and behave like they are being pressed, it can happen more often to sets that are in a warm humid climate, the solution is

1 Replace the switches (tedious)
2 Replace the sets keyboard (volume-channel change etc on set)
3 Disconnect the keyboard by pulling the lead that feeds it, this will clear the fault and you can use the remote control as normal (keyboard is seldom used)until you decide if you want to replace the keyboard or the tact switches.

Option 3 will get the set running again do you think you can do that yourself?its a matter of getting the back of the set off and finding the circuit board behind those switches on the set (volume-channel change)then pulling out the ribbon lead that feeds.

Please let me know if you need more help with this.
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Many Thanks

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


The volume control switches are on the keyboard,correct? So I can disconnect keyboard, remove keyboard ,put the set back together and use it with the remote while Im finding the parts for the repair?


Thank You


Hi Tom

Yes if you want to replace the keyboard get the partnumber from it and google this.

For now if you like you could just pull the lead out that feeds the keyboard it will be either a ribbon lead with about 5 pins on or a flexi lead with 5 pins on

If you cant see the partnumber then yes you will need to get the pcb out if you want to replace it

Let me know if you need more info
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