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Tim Nolan
Tim Nolan, TV Repair Technician
Category: TV
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Experience:  Factory trained TV repair technician. U.S. NAVY trained.
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Hello. I have a Samsung smart tv that is usually plugged into

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Hello. I have a Samsung smart tv that is usually plugged into my cable box which in the. Is plugged in to a grounded surge protector. However earlier this evening, during a thunder storm, lightning hit the cable. Ox outside our apartment building and a power surge tripped our circuit causing us to lose electricity to the living room and one bedrrom next door to the living room. Once the circuit breaker was tripped, power was restored, but mg tv appeared to the. On (the power light turns on), but there's no picture or sound. I have a repairman fr home svc network coming on Monday, but it was suggested that the tv may be in power save mode. Is this possible on this tv and if so, how can I bring it out of power save mode? The model number is XXXXX Any information given would be greatly appreciated.

I am sorry but there is no mode in this tv that could stop it from coming on like this. The power save mode is a mode that will save power by turning the tv off after some time, etc. But it wont stop it from coming on in any way.

From the symptoms you have listed here, it looks like you most likely have a bad main board, slight possibility its the power supply but most likely a bad main board.

I am very sorry, I wish I had a simple fix for you, but what you are looking for does not exist. I really wish there was a simple way for you.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or need any other information at all, if you do please use the reply to expert tab. If this was all the info you needed then please remember to rate me before leaving. Please do not hesitate to ask anything, happy to help in any way I can!

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