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My mod HL32BG-A 32" set will sometimes not turn on. In the

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My mod HL32BG-A 32" set will sometimes not turn on. In the past I have jiggled the power cord and the power has come up. This has taken a little more time the last few times it has happened. ( Most of the time the failure has been caused by my wife brushing the power cord when dusting). Today I removed the back and bypassed the power plug. this did not significantly help. Either way, when I jiggle, i can often get a flashing green light in the center of a board. It will come and go as I jiggle. on a few occasions I was able to get a second green light and the set powered up and worked fine. However, when I moved the set or put the back back on, the power was lost. Can you help me with this? I am a retired electrical engineer, and I have never seen anything like this. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX
Hello and thank you for the question.

How long have you owned the set for?

Also, can you explain exactly how you "bypassed" the power plug on the TV?

When you wiggle the power cord, is the light that you see on the Mainboard (the board with all of the Audio and Video connections on it)?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

1. Had set about 3-years. 2. Took back off - skinned back hot/ground at back of power plug - clipped on power cord (2-wire) - checked with meter. 3. Light that blinks is toward center of the audio/video board. on occasion when wiggling the power cord the blinking light will quit blinking and stay on and another green light will come on on the left of the board near the power connector. The set is then operable, but slight movement of the power cord will cause loss of power.

Thanks for the reply.

You need to replace the power supply board on the TV, or at least solder up the AC connections to the board. If you remove the board, then use a soldering iron and reheat the positive and negative AC connections at the board itself.

Or as an aside, you could simply replace the board, which is available for purchase at the link below:



If you need further assistance let me know.

If you're satisfied with my service, please do not forget to rate the answer accordingly.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

There is a small connector that brings in the power to the power supply board. Are you suggesting that I touch up the solder on the back of this board ar the power connecter? Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX

Jim, without knowing exactly which contact you're allowing to complete the circuit by rocking, I cannot tell you which. You are at the set, and I would suggest either touching up all solder joints between the power cord connection and the power supply board, and also trying a different AC cord. Actually I would suggest trying another AC cord first.
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