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Aric, Technician
Category: TV
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My screen occasionally boots up with 1/2 gray and 1/2 black.

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My screen occasionally boots up with 1/2 gray and 1/2 black. It happened a couple times and when turn off and on it comes on normally. Today it won't.
Hello and thank you for the question. How long have you owned the set for? Also what is connected to the set for devices ( cable box,DVD, etc.), and do you have the same issue regardless of which you're trying to watch?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have a Direct TV receiver and blu ray player as inputs. The entire system will come on when activated but the TV only shows the half gray/black condition
Okay, what I was asking is IF the half grey/black condition also occurs when you try to watch the Blu Ray player?

We also need to know if the TV's MENU/HOME button (not the Direct TV remote), will bring up the MENU WHILE the problem is occurring?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The menu home button on the tv remote has a slight fading effect on the gray/ black screen. The blu ray has the same effect when activated.
Thank you.

I need to know how long you've owned the set for please?

Is there any buzz or hum coming from the screen when the issue occurs?

Also, as a test, when the issue is occurring, if you gently smack your open hand on the back of the TV, does the issue go away?

Lastly, are you looking to try and repair the set yourself (which will require component replacement), or are you looking for a diagnosis of what the problem could be and a repair estimate?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It's about 2 years old. I am able to get audio from the direct tv. The smack did not work

Unfortunately, this is not something that can be repaired via any resets or adjustments, and unfortunately the set will require service to correct it.

There are several possible causes for this problem. The power supply board is one- more specifically there are several capacitors on this board that are prone to going out of spec and can cause these problems you're having. Average cost to have the power supply replaced is around $350 parts and labor.

The other possible cause is the T-Con board. This is the LCD panel timing controller and processes all of the video before sending it to the panel. This is the most likely cause of the problem you're having and average cost to replace the T-Con on this set is around $350 parts and labor.

Lastly, there's a small possibility that the LCD panel is failing- although once the problem on your screen occurred, it would not likely be corrected by shutting the TV off and turning it back on- so this is the last on our list. If the LCD panel was the culprit, it is the only thing in the TV that is not repairable as the cost of a new panel is as much as the TV when new.

I wish I had better news or a quick fix today but the set does require component testing and replacement to allow it to operate normally again.

If you're like you can use the link below to locate a Tech in your area:


If you need further assistance let me know.

If you're satisfied with my service, please do not forget to rate me accordingly.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Id like to attempt the repair myself . Can you guide me through the isolation and confirmation of the problem?
Do you have a Multi-Meter John and experience measuring live voltages?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes. I have a Simpson 260 and understand how to use it. By the way it's working normally now after about a dozen attempts turning it on and off.

The first thing you would want to check for in the set, are the capacitors visually, making sure none are bulged, swollen or leaking fluid. The Power Supply is the board inside the TV that power cord directly attaches to.

Any that do not appear cylindrical, or are leaking you would take the rating (In uf), and the voltage off the cap (example: 2200 uf, 50 vdc), and cross reference them at the sites below:

They each solder into place with two leads, a positive and a negative. Make sure you solder the news ones in the same way, or they will explode when the TV is powered up.

Make sure you are careful not to un-solder any other adjacent circuit traces when removing the old caps, and carefully solder in the new ones allowing the solder to flow into the joint. Replace any and ALL caps that are questionable. Remember- when in doubt, change them out.

Try powering up the TV, and if the set operates normally, then you have solved the issue by replacing the faulty cap(s).

If it does not, then you would need to isolate which board is causing the problem by measuring the Power Supply Voltages.

Please only proceed if you have experience measuring live voltages on a circuit board level.

Use a DVM (Digital Volt Meter) set to DC volts, put the Black probe of the Meter on an RCA jack shield on the back of the TV, then use the Red probe and probe all of the Outputs for voltage (correct voltages will be stamped on the power supply at the outputs). Do this with NOTHING connected to the Power supply but AC power, the Mainboard, and the little board that houses the Power Switch. If a voltage is missing/ fluctuating, then the power board needs to be replaced.

If the power supply outputs its rated voltages, then connect the other boards one at a time until one causes it to shut down. This board would have the short causing the supply to SOS, and would need to be replaced.

A good source to locate replacement boards is


If you need further assistance let me know.


If you're satisfied with my service, please rate the answer accordingly.

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