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I have a Sony Bravia model KDL-46V 2500. For the past 2 days

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I have a Sony Bravia model KDL-46V 2500. For the past 2 days the picture goes to a blue screen. I can change the channel or turn it off and back on and the picture returns. These episodes are increasing in frequency. Please advise of issue and resolution.

Thank you.
Hello my name is Anthony
Thanks for the Question

I may be a few minutes between each request for info thanks for your patience!

You will need to perform some checks please when the set goes to a blue screen, the first check is>>> if you press the menu button of the sets own remote control during the blue screen condition does the menu come up please?

Second check is can you see ANY picture at all below the blue screen?

Is their any sound when the screen is blue?

Let me know the above 3 things please
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

1. Menu appears when pressed on TV own remote: can see "external inputs", analog favorites, etc.

2. No picture at all - just blue screen.


3. Still have sound, however I have a Bose sound system and speakers. When I turn that off the Bose system I have no sound from the TV itself.


Hi Vicki

How are you viewing TV services please ?satellite box/cable box/cable straight/antenna/set top box?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Cable box


Hi Vicki

Its very likely you have a problem with the cable box now the first thing to do is to check the lead(s) from the box to the TV are home and good if that checks out OK then you can reboot the box by unplugging it from wallpower waiting 5 mins then replugging the box back in again, this will correct any software issue you may have with the box, third thing is if your using HDMI lead is to swop this lead for a new one (dont use any older HDMI types as they are different).

To further prove that you do have a cable box issue is to try another input like a dvd player or even an old vcr if its OK using that then it further confirms the box as the trouble.

If after doing all the above the problem isnt resolved (assuming dvd player check is good)then you will need to get the box swopped.

Please let me know if you need more info
Please remember to rate the answer.Thank You, XXXXX XXXXX WILL remain open even after rating should you need more help

Many Thanks
Anthony_Infotech and 2 other TV Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I hope this works. Thank you.

Hi Vicki

Well you can prove it is the box simply by watching and monitering a dvd if its OK then that rules out the TV by 95%

Let me know if I can help anymore I will still be able to answer anymore questions even after rating the thread is open as long as you need it

Many Thanks