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model is LC-40LE700NZ and I have My Sky I disconnected the

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model is LC-40LE700NZ and I have My Sky
I disconnected the cables from the "monitor out" terminals to try and get input from my camera to the TV. (that was obviously a mistake) On replacing the cables I can get no sound. If I try and increase volume a sing appears which suggests that a plug is not properly inserted. How do I get sound back on please.?

Hello, I'm TV Tech1 and I'll be working with you to identify and help you resolve your problem.


Monitor Output ? Is that output you mentioned going to a separate audio amplifier FROM the TV set or is it FROM the Sky box??


I really don't understand why either one's Monitor OUTPUT would need removed to connect any camera to any one of the unit's INPUTS to view it.


It's always Camera Outputs to the TV's INPUTS or the Recorder's INPUTS.


Give me more details about which monitor output you disconnected and whether you lost your amp's sound or your TV's sound is now missing (It shouldn't be).


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The Monitor output is from the Sky box. I have lost the TV Sound.

I appreciate my action re the camera was incorrect but that is not the issue,

Yeah, the camera should have had any effect on your TV's Video /Audio Input that should be connected to your Skybox's Monitor outputs.


Something ODD had to happen...initially I wonder if there are more cables with extra connectors that match the same colors you disconnected. That's an honest mistake I've seen, when there's 3 or 4 sets of Red/White connectors all laying in the back of the TV set.


Of course I'm assuming that's what you disconnected is the older Red/White Audio connections we've had since the 1980's on TV sets.


You really can't have issues like yours with Scart or HDMI, so I've discounted those connections.


If you only use Sky and the Audio amplifier being should only have to connect the Sky Outputs to the TV's Inputs, and turn up the sound. You'll have picture and sound.


However...if you made any changes to the TV menu...then it starts to get complicated.

Did you turn off the speakers in the Audio menu?


Please tell me if you connected your Sky box to your TV set using Composite --


Or Component cables --






Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Cables are definitely composite. Red, white and yellow. There are no extra cables.

I am not aware that I turned of the speakers in the audio menu. When tuning into the audio section of the menu I notice that I cannot cursor down through the various options..


Can you confirm that the component cables should be plugged into the "monitor out" sockets and not the sockets labeled "input" or "component".

Ok, I'm assuming you do not use an audio amp for better sound.


This statement threw me off when you mentioned it --

If I try and increase volume a sing appears which suggests that a plug is not properly inserted

That may be a musical note in a box on the TV set, or it might come from the Skybox. Not sure, but we'll figure it out.

I don't have your Skybox's model number, it helps, but Skybox's are pretty consistently built the same way.

And after looking at several Sky box's connections...I'm only finding them with the Scart or the S-Video outputs. The yellow composite video connection...must not be prevalent on all units.


Anyways, we're dealing with audio. I know you need Video to unmute the inputs FIRST, but you do have picture, therefore you should have sound when the Sky box's Output is connected to the same input the Video is being delivered to.


Most units will have this type of output (listed as composite on this picture)



And your TV should only be using Input 4, 5, or 6 connections for your Skybox's Video outputs

I want you to note that this picture brings up some detail about the headphone jack muting the audio, and (something you mentioned) it seems to disable access to any of the audio settings (That's IMPORTANT!)


So I've Highlighted all the important information in Yellow. The green might be important but only if the Audio Menu lockout issue is resolved first.


This is your TV's information --










Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My apologies but I think I need to start again with an explanation of the problem as I have found some of the information I have given you is not correct.
The Sky box is actually connected to the TV by an HDMI output advice and I never disconnected this at any stage.

The composite cables I referred to are actually from a DVD player to the TV and it was these that I disconnected in attempting to connect the camera.

I have not used the headphone output at all.

While I searched through various items in the menu to see if I could locate an obvious error I am not aware that I changed any settings.

In my first message I referred to a "sing" appearing. That was a typing error and should have said "sign." It is a picture of a disconnected plug.

I have checked the plug connections into and out of the Sky box.

I hope this narrows down the nature of the problem for you to work on.

The picture of the disconnected plug is interesting...even if you haven't used your headphones.


I've worked on some TVs where the customer never used the headphone jack, but there's a small leaf switch that connects the TV speakers to that headphone jack, and when you plug in a set of headphones, it disconnects the speakers and only the headphones get sound.


Unfortunately, I've seen that switch inside the jack get oxidized and you lose sound to your speakers. On some of those, just sticking a mini headphone jack or any jack that fits into the hole will knock off that oxidation and suddenly the speakers start working.


I don't think that symbol is telling you something is disconnected...I'm thinking it's telling you to disconnect. Do you happen to have a set of headphones with a mini plug (aka 3.5 mm or 1/8" phone jack) on it ?


I've had several TVs that I've seen had that happen to them, and the customer never even used the plug.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have stuck a jack into the headphone hole but no change. Still no sound.

I disconnected the DVD input but this made no diffedrence. If the symbol is saying "disconnect' there is nothing else connected other than HDMI plug.

It is a picture of a disconnected plug.




Sorry for the Delay, I started a Full install of Win 7 on my computer, and at 4Am...I'm just getting back online. I want to transfer the files on your model, but that's going to take another hour I suspect. I want to see if Sharp shows that disconnected plug icon.


All I saw was the volume bar with a set of headphones on the left side of the bar.


You have no access to the audio menu, you see the disconnected plug...and plugging in a 3.5mm jack didn't deactivate it. I'm beginning to wonder if that headphone jack is just plain bad or not. The TV is indicating something is disconnected or connected, and it's affecting sound...otherwise that icon wouldn't be showing up.


Have you been able to activate the volume bar? Do you see a headphone icon on the left of the bar or is it just a plain old bar with maybe nothing on it, or perhaps a speaker cone ?



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I can activate the volume bar. There is no headphone to the left of the bar only this icon of the disconnected plug. I note when I press mute the icon remains but has a cross through it.

Any chance it's shaped like this ?



It's a little overmagnified by Just answer.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No. It is shaped like the plug on the end of a composite cable.

RCA icon? Ok. Let me see ...Wait a minute...if you do have Speaker on/ might X out an RCA icon when the mute is pressed. But you don't have access to the Audio settings, even though I didn't see a speaker/reciever selection setting listed.


Connected to TV with HDMI Connections? AQUOS LINK control may be active, although I would think that would only be active when you're using the HDMI connections. would need a unit (DVD player, Separate Audio Soundbar, maybe even a Satellite box with HDMI CEC control and a HDMI 1.3a cable on it.

Anyways...RCA Jack implies "ye olde Analogue connections" not the futuristic HDMI connections...and I really need some feedback from you at this point in time.


1] All you did was unplug one set of shouldn't scramble or change the settings at all. However, TV's are computers (to an extent) and can lock up. To that end, I have to assume the best and worst case scenario.


Best case -- Whoops, hit the wrong button or was pressing the wrong button to access the audio menu. That's the one in the flip top lid.


Worst case -- Static electricity issue. Touched the connectors, pulled them out, a build up of static discharged...and we have to RESET the TV set.


These 3 pictures might help direct you. The Yellow is for the Best case scenario, you should try them FIRST, even if you did not flip that lid and use the option button.


Green....that's the RESET. Last option. If you hated waiting for the TV tuner to scan all's going to force you to do that. But it clears ALL glitches and ALL mis-set settings.


RCA icon? I'd only expect to see that on any of the NON HDMI video inputs, but it still doesn't explain why the AUDIO setting or the OPTION settings don't list it as Speaker on/off or Speaker/Audio out or Speaker/Reciever somewhere.

All I see is the Aquoslink Speaker on/off.


Here's the pictures. this reset if the above doesn't restore audio to your speakers









Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The RESET worked and sound is back. thanks for your assistance and perseverence..

Ok, great. The software inside your TV set somehow got corrupted and was definitely displaying an icon that doesn't seem to be a part of the icons used for Audio. I went through the information numerous times and didn't find it. So the reset was the last resort.


Glad you got it fixed.


I know it took a longer time than anticipated, but could you please give me an Excellent rating or at least a Good rating for persevering ?


I'd appreciate that. And Thank you for your time.



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