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All of a sudden I am getting no picture to my TV. I tried different

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All of a sudden I am getting no picture to my TV. I tried different HDMI cables and tried different inputs. Either all the HDMI inputs are broken or the HDMI output is broken. Is this fixable, or does it need to go to a shop?
Hi there happy to help.

Do you still have audio?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no audio

ok, have you tried more than one HDMI device? DVD, Cable, etc....
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes, i tried my dvd and my fios cable box in all of the 6 hdmi inputs. I also used several different hdmi cables for this. the hdmi to my tv is good because it works when hooked directly to the fios box.

OK, thanks,

How old is the TV?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the tv is maybe 3 years old, it is working fine. im not getting a signal from the receiver is the problem. the fios is working fine

OK, so when you run HDMI straight to the TV from whatever device it works right? Just trying to go through the receiver is the problem?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

correct. i just tried attaching the receiver to a computer monitor with a dvd player feeding a signal to the receiver. the monitor reported no signal. i tried 2-3 different hdmi cables as well, still no signal

OK, here's the situation......

Your receiver is not passing HDMI through properly. This is a hardware problem you could send off for repair however there is another option........

Many receivers have a hard time with HDMI signals, and passing them through to a TV. One workaround that will give the same results is to take an optical cable and connect to your TV's optical output to the receiver's optical input. This gives the same quality sound to the receiver as the HDMI signal as it is the same digital audio signal. The HDMI cable just carries video well as and passes this through to the TV. The receiver doesn't need this anyway.

If you want to send the receiver in, you can call here, however I would try the workaround first.....


Also ask if there is a firmware update available for the receiver, sometimes this will fix the problem as well.

Please don't forget to rate me and have a great day.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm not sure we are on the same page.


Here is how my system works.


All video in goes into the receiver. Then it goes from the receiver to the TV and I choose the source input on the receiver to be displayed on the tv.


So, attaching a an optical cable does nothing for me, because I am not getting Audio OR video to my tv from the receiver.


My problem is that no signal whatsoever is getting FROM the receiver TO the tv. I do not need to get a signal from the tv to the receiver.

Yes I know exactly what is going on.

Your receiver needs AUDIO only. It is not properly passing the HDMI signal to the TV.

A workaround is to connect HDMI from your devices, STRAIGHT to the TV. Then all the receiver needs is audio. Most modern flatscreens have an optical audio out. This will send the digital audio from whatever input the TV is set to on the receiver.

The difference is your TV will now act as the input switch instead of the receiver. This scenario is a workaround to avoid repair.

Let me know if this is not clear.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, I understand what you are saying. If I did this solution, however, then my dvd player would not be able to get a signal to the tv either - as it is routed through the receiver as well (my equipment room is in another room about 20 feet from the tv). Since all the HDMI sources are routed through the receiver, I have to have the receiver functioning at 100%.

In this case you will best be served by calling Sony for repair. The DVD player would need to be routed to the TV as well.

Take care.
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