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I replaced the lamp in my Toshiba 62 inch DLP tv about three

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I replaced the lamp in my Toshiba 62 inch DLP tv about three months ago. Shortly afterward, the lamp would not light up when the set was turned on. The set would turn itself off and on several times before the lamp would light up. I removed the lamp and saw that it was not apparently broken - as the original one was - broken glass inside. When I reinstalled the lamp it worked for a while, but now it is not coming on at all.

I see online that there could be a problem with the ballast and/or the power supply. Is this something a non-tv technician can fix, and if so, how?
Hello, sorry to hear you are having this problem. I can assist you. This will take some interactive work on your end. Your participation is needed and clear communication is crucial to solving your problem. To start we need to know:
1. Exactly where did you get the new lamp?
2. Did you buy the bare bulb or the lamp with housing?
3. Exactly how much did you pay?
4. What is the full model number written on the back of the Tv?

Please reply with all the information to get started. Additional details may be required. My replies may take several minutes so please be patient.


ps. I am here to help you. Use the REPLY button when you don't understand what to do.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello, Mike, and thanks in advance for your help. Here are the answers to your questions:

1. I bought the new lamp online, after consulting an online TV assistance service such as I am doing now. I don't recall the company I bought it from - and I am away from home for a few days and cannot check the receipt immediately.

2. I bought the lamp with housing. The lamp I purchased was a Toshiba lamp model Y196-LMP. It looked exactly like the old lamp. The old lamp, by the way, had broken glass inside when I removed it. The new lamp - the one I took out and reinstalled - had no broken glass inside, and as i indicated, it worked for a time - a couple of weeks, before the problem returned.

3. As indicated I don't have the receipt in front of me, but I recall I paid about $160.00 for the new lamp with housing.

4. I don't have this available at present, but can email you back with it once I have my daughter check this. She's at home.


Mike, if we need the full model number of the TV for you to help me I will have to email you back tomorrow. Is there a good email address to which I can send you a note? Thanks - John

If you can, please just reply here when you have all the information. We are not supposed to use external email / communication / personal information / etc.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK - so to reply should I go to and look for you, using the order number that I have? Thanks - John

Ya, just come back to this site. Reply to this topic. Do Not start a new question, it will get shut down.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Mike - what is "this topic?" Is it the question that appears at the top: "I replaced the lamp in my Toshiba 62 inch DLP tv about three?" Thanks much - John

Yes. I'm sorry I don't know what the customer sees when they come to this site. If you created an account here with email, sign in, etc then the site should remember you, remember this topic/question.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Mike - Here is the rest of the information you requested:


The model number of my Toshiba 62 inch DLP television is 62HM196. The serial number is XXXXX


The replacement lamp I purchased and installed several months ago - the one that has now stopped working after working intermittently - is model number Y196-LMP. I purchased it online from Pureland Supply. I paid $157.90 for it.


Please let me know if you need any more information regarding my question. Thanks very much - John Quinn

All DLP lamps are not the same. Some come with a 30 day warranty, some 90 day, some one year. Only the ones that come with a one year warranty should be used. Anything else is inferior quality and not designed to manufacturer specs. A quality lamp should last about 6000-8000 hours of actual use. That assumes you are not turning the Tv off/on more than twice a day, because each time you power it off/on also affects lamp life. Unfortunately the product you purchased had a 90 day warranty. I can't count how many times I have had to tell a customer that the only thing wrong with their Tv is the discount lamp that they just got. At this point, I would suggest you get a quality lamp and then if that doesn't solve your problem start looking into it further. Here is one seller that has quality lamps with full one year warranty:
Buy 62HM196 Lamp

Looking beyond the lamp- properly diagnosing why the lamp won't light is complex and involves using a meter inside the Tv while it is running. The ballast is one possibility and it's not too hard to install so you could start there. The problem is they are no longer made so your only hope is searching ebay until one pops up. Here is the ballast-
62HM196 Ballast (not in stock)

Here is a video showing how to replace:
Install Ballast Video

Hopefully this has helped you. Please remember I am here to provide you with excellent service so if you need more help then REPLY here, otherwise please take a moment to leave a positive rating. Again, if you want more information then use the REPLY button (note that a negative rating does not issue a refund).

Thank you,
Mike G. and other TV Specialists are ready to help you