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WD57731 - Shut off issue. Bulb replaced - I have 2 new ones. All

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WD57731 - Shut off issue.
Bulb replaced - I have 2 new ones.
All visible vents air cleaned of dust etc.
Sound of fan (or something) at startup
*Steady Red under lamp after premature shut down
Shuts off after 30sec to 1 minute of run time
Sound of fan still running after premature shut down
Whine sound as fan sound is shutting down
Will not power on until whine sound is done
*Steady Red under lamp after whine sound .

What diagnostics would lead to a solution to the premature shut down problem?

Hello my name is Anthony
Thanks for the Question

I may be a few minutes between each request for info thanks for your patience!


Where did you get the lamps from please and for what price?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I don't understand where from and what price I paid for the lamps have to do with the diagnosis of the problem.

Hi Paul

Really believe me it does... I do need to know that info

I will explain if need be when I know

Customer: replied 4 years ago. about $40. I have purchased from them in the past with no problems.

Hi Paul

No these lamps are no good.
They are copy generic types their is a black market in poor quality lamps and Mitsy DLP sets in particular wont work with them or they may work for a bit but then fail and can potentially damage the light engine.
I come across this virtually every other day Paul so its not as though this is something I dont see, Mitsy and Sony must have a OEM lamp fitted ideally from Mitsy themselves here

Or as a second choice only

You will find the cost of these OEM lamps much higher but thats the way it is.

Now unless one of those lamps has damaged the ballast (that would be unlucky)if you fit an OEM lamp the set will fire up no problems

Let me know if you need more info

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

As stated previously, I have purchased lamps from Mwave in the past that have worked perfectly at the lower price point. This is not to say that you are incorrect in labeling them inferior, I may have been lucky. In fact one of the 2 new ones just blew - d...n!


Assuming the ballast is damaged how do I verify that?

Hi Paul

I dont know about what you have had from them before I only know that these lamps are made in the far east very cheaply and simply wont work or work maybe for a few weeks or months (during that time they could damage the light engine), if you read mitsubishi site their are warnings about not fitting the genuine article

I have included an article above just to back up a bit what I am saying, the lamps are not made to the very exacting specifications needed for a lamp of this type.

If you can hear the ballast click sounds like a buzz then click its probably OK, you would have to be unlucky for the ballast to have gone down too but its a possibility if the lamp blew, the buzz click can be heard just after the whine of the color wheel spinning up if you listen carefully near the back of the set.Fans come on first >>color wheel spins up>>ballast trys to fire lamp

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Okay Anthony, thanks for the prompt response and yes I accept your argument about the inferiority of the lamps. I will spring for the OEM lamps in hopes that the set is up and running upon installation. Additionally I will try and locate a ballast in the event that it too needs replacing. So far per your description I am good on the ballast. If I am not mistaken, Phillips is the manufacturer of the OEM lamps for this set.


Thanks again.


Please remember to rate the answer as this is the only way I receive a proportion of the fee thank you.

You must get the lamp from either of those two sources mitsy being the best

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