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Have a WS 55313 Television and last couple of days been receiving

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Have a WS 55313 Television and last couple of days been receiving a blinking reception and been driving me crazy... any suggestions on what is going on with the TV????
Hello my name is Anthony
Thanks for the Question

I may be a few minutes between each request for info thanks for your patience!

Is it like this if you use another input like a dvd for example please?

Let me know
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Blinks with the satellite,dvd, & vcr but when I take everything off the setup menu screen is on and tv works OK....this blinking has been happening on a regular basis & stops for awhile then starts....changed incoming cables for satellite....


Is the blinking a "rolling "effect of the picture or is it the brightness flickering please?

Let me know please


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Blinking is like picture going out & on again... even when satellite box is off blue screen blinks on & off

Hi Kenney

Yes I understand, all the CRTs cathodes are dropping now I have had spark gaps (these are air gap over voltage protection)on the CRTS cause this bizzare behavour but it could also be a CRT drive problem from the signals board.
Also CRT coolant can be leaking onto the signals board as the seals go and leak glycol down.
So Im afraid their isnt one definitive answer for this checks will need to be made to establish why the cathodes are dropping intermittently
A tech would charge an initial $100 for an assessment and then give you a price or let you know if its worth putting money into repairs on the set

I am sorry this isnt anything easier

Let me know if you need more info

Many Thanks
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Seems strange to me when on the satellite line seems not to work but when by itself works OK......HMMM..... this TV is 10 years old and don't think it's worth long are TV good for anyways????


Yes the blue screen or menu is internally generated it can rule some things out but in your case its not conclusive as the fault could depend on picture content too

Most of these sets now are being scrapped their design envelope was only 5 years they were heavily over engineered but have been great sets all manuf are credits to these platform sets

Modern sets need to be bought with extended warrenty as a must.
In general 4 or 5 years is about as much as you can expect from modern LCD plasmas

Let me know if you need more info
Please remember tp rate the answer.Thank You


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