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My Samsung Dlp tv has a green tint to the picture. This tint

Customer Question

My Samsung Dlp tv has a green tint to the picture. This tint is on dish programing as well as from connected components. Any ideas?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Mike G. replied 4 years ago.
Hello, my name is Mike. I can assist you with your question.

The problem you are having is most likely a failing LED inside the Tv. Unfortunately there is no quick and easy fix. The Tv will need to be opened up and the defective LED replaced. A repair shop will charge about $250 for labor and about $100 for the part. To find a trusted local repair shop near you just enter your zip code on the following website:
Find Local Repair Shops

If you are really good with hand tools then you can buy the part and install it yourself. Here is a video showing the DIY process-
Watch LED Install Video

The part number for the Red LED is BP07-00029A. You can buy the LED online, here is one place that has it in stock-
Buy BP07-00029A

Sorry there is no easy fix, at least you are now informed of your choices. Please remember I am here to provide you with excellent service so if you need more help then REPLY here, otherwise please take a moment to leave a positive rating. Again, if you want more information then use the REPLY button (note that a negative rating does not issue a refund).

Thank you,