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Bought a new bulb and housing unit. The tv worked fine for

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Bought a new bulb and housing unit. The tv worked fine for 2 days. Then the screen went black and there was only sound. Two days later, the picture returned and lasted for one day. Now the screen is black again. There is still sound. Also, I just noticed that a orange or yellow light is flashing at the rear of the set, near the connection of the cable input. I have a Sony KDS 682020 65 inch DLP. My e-mail address [email protected] I thank you in advance for your advice.
Hello, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be glad to assist you. Please keep in mind that there may be a few minutes between replies, as I research your problem.

Can you please double check the model number off of the back of the TV- as the one you posted is not quite right?

Also, where did you purchase the bulb and housing from, and roughly how much did it cost?

Additionally, what symptoms did the TV give you when the old lamp failed?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This was the second bulb replaced the first was about 2 years ago. This receent bulb. It was purchased from advanced lamps for $51.00. The correct model # XXXXX XXXXX 60A020. When nthe lamp failed the red light on the front of the tv came on. There was no picture and no sound. This is diffenent as there is no picture, but the sound remains.

Thank you for the reply. I can tell you based on the price of the lamp and the supplier alone, that the most likely suspect right now is the Lamp. These lamps can fail in multiple ways, either the lamp can pop and explode inside the TV, completely fail leaving you the red lamp light lit, with no sound or video, or lack of video but audio remaining. These lesser priced lamps use thinner glass and do not hold a gas charge like their OEM counterparts do, and will cause the exact problems you're having. You would at this stage want to replace the lamp with the correct OEM lamp for your set, as these lesser priced substitutes are simply not rated for reliable, longterm use in your TV. The link below is to the correct Lamp for your set:



Aric and other TV Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for the advice. I will get a new bulb and pray for the best!

You're very welcome, and I have seen the issues you're having many times with this TV using the lesser priced substitute lamps. I'm very confident the correct lamp is going to fix your problem.

If you need further assistance let me know.

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