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Jack, Technician
Category: TV
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Experience:  40 years experience as audio,video repair and installation tech
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had a power surge I believe (storms) - no power to the

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had a power surge I believe (storms) - no power to the TV now

Hello , my name is Jack
Perhaps I can help you with this problem but first i would have a few questions


When you pull out the power cord and back in, can you hear a clicking sound inside ?
Any problems with the tv prior to this ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no clickingsound when plugging in . no problems prior to this

O.k then this could be as simple as a blown fuse although your model has an 8 amps ceramic fuse and when they blow, it usually indicates a more serious problem.

Only way to find out at this time would be to test that fuse and the associated components in the power supply circuit.
You could always try to replace it and if it blows again then you would know for sure.

Did you wish to take a look into this yourself or just have an idea of the repair costs and what may be involved ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I bought it at Walmart in Norwich , NY . There is an S & S appliance store in Norwich. Possibly take it to them telling them about the 8 amp ceramic fuse ?

Yes they would be able to test it for and as I said find out at the same time if only the fuse is gone .
I can tell you that this board costs around $80 to buy if it has to be replaced instead of repaired.
So you could expect a repair of approx. $160 to $200 if it has to be replaced.

If you`d like to have an idea from different repair shops the click the link below and enter your zip code;

This will give you a list of repair shops in your area , give them a call to find out their rates , some shops will give you a free repair estimate.

Wish i had an easier solution for you today but i hope this help and I will be in standby if you have any questions.
Thank you and please take the time to rate my answer if that answers your question and note that you can get back to me at any time after this chat is closed if you have other questions.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

satisfie - thanks. Unfortunate, but it sounds like I will have a good repair bill.

Might not be all that bad , I gave you the worst case scenario , you might just get away with a $125 repair (or less).

Thanks again and please take the time to use the rating system that you can see if you are satisfied.

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