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tv will not stay on ,shuts off almost immediately model 50ux26b/27k.

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tv will not stay on ,shuts off almost immediately model 50ux26b/27k. is this part avalable?
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When your Hitachi shuts down - are there any solid or flashing indicator lights on the front of the set?
If YES - What color?
If flashing - is there a set pattern, or number, of blinks between slight pauses?

Does the picture appear for any length of time, or never?

Do you ever have sound?

Finally - do you have experience repairing rear projection TVs and testing live circuits, or are you looking for a diagnostic and repair estimate?


NOTE: Researching answers, complexity of the problem, and customer Volume (real and virtual) can all extend your answer time. The questions asked above are very important for me to have a better understanding of what you are seeing... and potential problems with your TV. Please allow some time to review service and reference materials and to type out a reply once you have submitted answers to all of the information requested above
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Picture is fine -will not stay on

Sound and picture-yes

No experience

I believe the on -off switch simply can not hold power on.

If I can purchase the part I will have it installed.

I was informed parts are not avaliable. If this is true I do not want to spend

a lot money on a TV that is 16 years old.








Repairing these sets is a major pain - as Mitsubishi apparently Enginnered them to fail Laughing.

You will have a hard time even finding someone in your area to repair.

Manufacturers typically only support products 8-10 years - and while the actual BOARDS of the TV are no longer available - they still can be repaired/refurbished by a few companies.

You're looking at a $80 service call - just to get a tech to your home. A $60-$100 diagnostic - then the repair and labor of the actual problem.

In my opinion - not a good investment of about $500+

From your description - it seems as the power supply is the actual culprit. Over time - capacitors can overheat/dry up/leak etc - until eventually the set will no longer stay powered on, as it cannot sustain the required voltages for the rest of the TV.

You'll get better picture quality, energy efficiency, and newer technology out of that $500 in a comparable LED or LCD TV.

I'm sorry to say it would be in your best interest to invest the repair $$ in a new set.

If you have additional - as always, Just Ask.

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