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None of my HDMI connections are working anymore on my LG LG

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None of my HDMI connections are working anymore on my LG LG 42LX6900.
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While it is possible for the HDMI Inputs to get damaged, we want to effectively isolate the problem as well.

Have you tried different Sources connected to the TV (Cable Box, DVD, Blu Ray, etc.), and additionally have you tried different cables?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes, tried Xbox, TV box and Gbox midnight all hdmi connection none work all hdmi ports show 'No Signal' on tv
Thank you for the reply.

This does tell us that the HDMI circuitry on your Mainboard has failed, and to fix the issue, the Mainboard would need to be replaced. This is fairly common, as HDMI is a fairly unreliable medium of carrying signal because it is digital and carries 5 volts down the cable to process the signal. It is prone to arcs from within the jack, which can take out of the Inputs on the back of the TV. The board is a plug and play board, so no soldering is required to replace it. The part you need is called the Mainboard and can be purchased form any TV repair shop, or possibly even on Ebay as a pulled board. I would suggest using the model number off of the back of your TV, and the keyword "Mainboard" (which is the technical term for the board), to search for this part.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I thought as much, do you happen to know the part number for the board so I can search for it?
Yes, the part number for the Mainboard for your set is: EBT61136802
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