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Howdy I have a Sony LCD tv KDL-32L-4000 that I purchased in

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I have a Sony LCD tv KDL-32L-4000 that I purchased in 2008. It has developed a screen problem - the picture jitters up and down on the bottom third of the screen and there are vertical lines as well as horizontal in the picture. Audio is fine. these problems persist whether i watch high def. or regular tv or whether I am using the Charter box output or directly to the cable. I took the back off tje TV set and I don't see anything abnormal.
I can see the pwr supply pcb as well as the main bd,with all the connectors on it as well as the inverter bd. on the left side. What could be the problem bd. Art
Hello, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be glad to assist you.

There is one very important thing we need to know in order to begin diagnosing. Can you tell me if the TV's internal MENU image itself jumps along with the picture? Or does the MENU image stay still while the picture behind it jumps?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The menu does not jitter but the pic behind it does. I also saw the menu items from hue to noise deduction at the top of the screen very faintly like a reflection. This does not appear all the time.
Thank you for the reply.

If the MENU itself does not jitter, then you have a faulty Mainboard in the TV. This is the board that processes and routes all of the external AV inputs to be processed. The signal chain in the TV goes: external Inputs-->Mainboard-->T-Con (generates MENU)-->LCD panel.

So the fact that the MENU is good tells us the T-Con is functioning normall, and the problem is occuring between the external Inputs and the T-Con which leaves us with the mainbboard.

There are no settings or adjustments on the Mainboard that can correct the issue, and this would require replacement of that board. It is a plug and play board, so no soldering or special tools are needed for replacement.

If you'd like a link to where you can purchase the board to replace it yourself, let me know.

If you're not comfortable doing this yourself, a Tech will typically charge you around $300 parts and labor for this repair.

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