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Want to connect LC-60E79U (HDMI) to computer (HDMI). What

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Want to connect LC-60E79U (HDMI) to computer (HDMI). What TV HDMI input should I use to carry both audio and video?
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The TV does not need to use HDMI 1 to carry both Audio and Video.

Any HDMI jacks that is not a dedicated PC Input will carry both Audio and Video.

Dedicated PC Inputs typically have a seperate PC Audio 1/8" Input jacks you can use- but this jack is assignable.

You can use HDMI 7 or 8 if the PC transmits both Audio and Video out of it's HDMI jack jack.

You can also use HDMI 6, but would need to also run a seperate 1/8" Audio cable from the PC to the TV.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Aric .... thanks much - I am going to have to config this via telephone with the end user so I couldn't guess at what HDMI input to use - your answer is perfect (so far) - won't know for a few weeks but I'll use HDMI7 or 8 per your recommendation.