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Aric, Technician
Category: TV
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Re: Panasonic Plasma HDTV TH-46PZ80U Set will not turn on

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Re: Panasonic Plasma HDTV TH-46PZ80U

Set will not turn on unless power is disconnected for a few minutes, and then reconnected prior to use.
Without this, when turned on, screen remains black and red power light blinks twice every few seconds.
DirecTV is working, and their technician says all is OK with their receiver.

Please advise. My e-mail is:[email protected]

Thanks!! Rick.
Hello Rick, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be glad to assist you.

Can you please tell me how long you've had the TV for and when did the problem occur?

Was it after a storm, surge or power outage?

Additionally does the light blink a 2 code once power is pressed, or as soon as the TV is plugged into an outlet?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Aric,

TV is a 2008 model.

Problem started 23 days ago - no storm or power surge that I know of.

Light blinks a 2 code only after power is pressed.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Aric,


Meant to write problem started 3 days ago. Sorry.

Thank you for the reply.

I can tell you that due to the fact that you had to unplug the set, then replug in order to get it to come on, coupled with the 2 blink code after power is pressed, that the problem is within the TV. The Direct TV receiver only sends the signal to the TV screen, but has no bearing on the TV powering up or not.

The problem in the TV is a component that was failing and would need to be replaced to solve the issue. It is not an uncommon failure, and is simply a board replacement (similar to replacing a card inside of your PC). Is this something you'd like to do yourself, if I can provide you with a link to the part?

Or are you looking simply to see if this is repairable, and what an estimate for repairs would be, along with a link to a service locator?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Aric,


I was afraid of that!


I am fairly handy - have replaced circuit boards in my computer - do you think I could do it? Are there detailed instructions?

Please provide a link to the part.


In addition, please provide an estimate for repairs if done by a service technician, and a link to the service locator.


Thank you!


Thank you for the reply and I wish I had better news. I am compiling a detailed answer for you here, so I wanted to give you a shout and let you know I had not forgotten about you. I will post back within 5 minutes.

Sorry for the delay.

The 2 blink code on this set typically indicates a Powser Supply Board failure, 2 and 10 blink codes on your set are commonly associated with this.

The fact that you had to unplug, then replug the TV, drains the filter capacitors, and effectively resets. So, the symptoms sound like a Power Board, and the 2 blink code can also indicate Power Board.

However, Panasonic's service manual gives several possible culprits for a 2 blink code which include, the Power Board, Mainboard, SS, or SC boards as being possibilities.

If you're looking for the most common repair, then the Power Supply Board is what I would suggest replacing. There are no instructions included with it, but it is an intuitive repair- simply removing the screws on the rear of the set, then pulling the rear plastic back of the TV off to access the board. Then you will see 3 wire harness connections that simply unplug from the board, and would then plug into the new board.

The Power Board for your set can be found at the link below:

If you wanted to be 100% sure, and are somewhat of a Techie type that can use a Meter and follow a Service Manual, then I would suggest possibly clicking on the link below to view the service manual and then follow the instructions for a 2 blink code, to effectively isolate the problem. I must warn you though, that Panasonic's method of tracking down a faulty component with an Error Code is somewhat complex:[TM].pdf

If you'd ratehr have a Tech go through this, then they would also follow the troubleshooting steps in the Service Manual, and need to test voltages. Depending on if the A,P,SC,SS or PB boards are at fault, you would be looking at between $300-$450 parts and labor.

If you'd like you can use the links below to locate a Tech in your area:

I wish I had a quick fix or this problem, but there aren't any resets or adjustments that can be made to fix the issue and the set will require service.

If you need further assistance, lt me know and I will continue with you here.

If you're satisfied with my service (not the problem with the TV), please do not forget to rate the service accordingly.

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