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I recently bought a 70" sharp led 3d HDTV... Havent had it

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I recently bought a 70" sharp led 3d HDTV... Haven't had it for more that two weeks and already hit a hiccup... I was watching tv when all of a sudden it shut off and won't start... All it's doing is sending a code of some kind w the indicator "v" in front of it.. It flashes twice, pauses for a bit then flashes twice again but the second time a little quicker... What should i do?? Did my tv mess up?? And if so would I be able to get it replaced being that I JUST purchased it??
Hello, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be glad to assist you.

Can you please get me the model number off of the back of the TV?

Also, does the set make a distinct "click" sound once the power button is pressed, and then the light starts blinking?

Or does the blinking occur right after the TV is plugged in?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Model #:LC70LE745U

It does not do any clicking noise
I disconnected it and reconnected it and it continued to do the same.
Thank you for the reply. I want to be upfront and let you know that the TV may have an internal failure, and the 2 blinks is an error code that indicates a faulty Mainbaord, or a software glitch in the Mainboard. Please try disconnecting the set from power, then press and hold the power button on the TV itself for 20 seconds. Then plug the set back in and power it on. Let me know if you have the same issue please.
Do you still have the same problem, or did the TV power up?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
All I got was a ????

Did it work and you're wondering why it happened?

Or did it not work and you're wondering what's next?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It didn't work.. Does this mean I bought a messed up tv?? It's not raining. The power did not go out... Where do I go form here??? Sad cause I haven't even owned it for more than 10 days!!! Smh
I'm sorry to hear that, and these symptoms do indicate a failure in the TV. The Mainboard in the set is faulty, and this is the board that controls the power supply communication allowing it to power up. The 2 blink code indicates "Mainboard fault", and it is something that requires service.

While I know this is not good news, there is a silver lining here, and that is that the problem occured right away, and not after a couple of months, or a couple of years. If the problem occured after 30 days from the date of purchase, then you would be stuck having to bring the set to an Authorized Sharp Service Center, and then wait 4 weeks to have them repair the set.

Anything before the 30 days and you can bring it back to the Retailer for a direct exchange. If they suggest doing a Firmware update, diligently request they exchange the TV instead. A Firmware fault will not prevent the set from powering on, it only controls the external Inputs.

I wish I had better news on the setm but there are no resets or adjustments that will fix the set, and it will require service, or replacement at this stage.

If you need further assistance please reply back and I can continue to assist you.

If you're satisfied with my service (not the problem with the TV), please do not forget to rate the answer accordingly.
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