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I have a 55 inch philips projection tv model number 55pw9363/17f

Customer Question

I have a 55 inch philips projection tv model number 55pw9363/17f the red and green colors or off set how do I fix that
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Carl L replied 4 years ago.

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Is it just the red and green or are all red, green, and blue off?

If all three are off, and it happened overnight, the convergence IC chip(s) have to be replaced using a soldering iron. It's also common for the load resistor to blow out as well when the IC(s) go out and is a good idea to change them all at the same time as a kit.


If this all seems a little over your head, no worries, let me know your zip code and I'll help you locate a TV Technician in your area to give you a full estimate. This repair normally runs between $200-$250 but depends on the area and their competitive rates.


Best Regards,

Carl Lindsey