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Great sound, no picture, on my Polaroid lcd tv. Model TDA-03211C,

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Great sound, no picture, on my Polaroid lcd tv. Model TDA-03211C, 5 yrs old.
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Does this happen on all inputs?

What type of cable connects your TV to the source? HDMI, Coaxial, 3 end composite, 5 end component?

In a dark room - does the screen GLOW black - or is it totally "dead"?

If you tak a flashlight at a 45 degree andgle right at the screen - can you make out any shadows of the images that SHOULD be there?

What happens when you try to bring up the TV's Settings menu?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

HDMI cables connect me with Dish Satallite.


Not totally dead when first turned on. I had inadvertently had the input changed to air. Could see enough to know there was no signal; got out the instruction book to count how many lines I needed to go to get it back to HDMI. Sound came back.


When first turning on, there is an image, very dim, darker in center third of screen, that only lasted long enough for me to see the "no signal" message. Right now I'm "listening" to FOX news, screen appears totally dark. It's been on for about 1/2 hr. No images visible with a flashlight. When looking down inside from the top there are no lights on. Aren't there supposed to be "backlights" (is that the right term) visible?


I hope this makes sense.



From your decroption - it appears your inverter has shorted, or a bad component on it.

There is not a reset for this - it's going to require repair - however on these sets, unless you can do it yourself - not a good investment.

Your TV incorporates the inverter right on the power supply board.

Swapping out is your fix.

If you require help with that - let me know... If not - a repair Board and labor) at a local shop would be in the $250 range.

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