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philips lcd 52 tv m#52pfl5704d/f7 no picture on screen blacklights

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philips lcd 52' tv m#52pfl5704d/f7
no picture on screen blacklights seem like they are on screen looks like an light shade of gray in a dark room.

How long have you had the set for and when did the problem occur?

Additionally, what is connected to the TV for devices (DVD, cable box, etc.), and do you have the same issue regardless of which Device you're watching?

If you press MENU on the TV, does the MENU display normally on the full screen?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

have had the set of 2-3 years. problem has been going on for 2 weeks


have had dvd, cable box, xbox, hooked up to set none show up on screen


when you press menu nothing can be seen


tv has white power light on bottom right when you turn power on it use to say "philips" on the screen go black for a second then come back up with the channel your watching.


now it comes on no "philips" on the screen and screen seems to be a light gray

Thank you for the reply.

Does the set still have Audio?

If you look closely at the screen, shining a flashlight directly against the panel and press MENU, let me know if you see a dimly lit shadowy MENU behind the screen.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

it did have audio not sure if it still does. i was not able to see menu on the screen useing a flash light . i have the back of the set open as there any test i can do?


Thanks for the reply.

Do you have a Multi-Meter and can you safely measure voltages?

Also, do you see any bulged or swollen capacitors on the power supply board inside the TV?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i do have a meter that can mesure a/c or d/c will that work? the two big black caps on the power board look good not swollen or fat on top

Yes, you will use your meter and set it to DC Volts.

Use a DVM set to DC volts, find a common ground on the power supply and probe all of the Outputs for voltage (correct voltages will be stamped on the power supply at the outputs). Do this with NOTHING connected to the Power supply but AC power, the Mainboard, and the little board that houses the Power Switch. If a voltage is missing/ fluctuating, then the power board needs to be replaced.

If the power supply outputs its rated voltages, then connect the other boards one at a time until one causes it to shut down. This board would have the short causing the supply to SOS, and would need to be replaced.

A good source to locate replacement boards is and

If you need further assistance let me know.

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Do you require further assistance with this problem?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Can you please be more specific?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes i checked power supply board im getting D/c volts on all out puts... main board( the one with the (HDMI and A/V) ports has a green led that lights up when the power botton is pressed. so i'm guess that one is good as well. i have 3 board left all 3 are getting power. two are on the right side of the unit. the last is in the top center. any ideas?

You're welcome, and could you please rate my answer favorably?
I'm sorry for the response I just sent, my computer switched screens and I sent you the wrong reply.

Is there a buzz, or hum coming from the boards on each side of the LCD panel- the Inverter Boards?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes a slight hum is coming from the boards on the side of the tv....i see one of the two is labled "slave" is that inverter boards?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, there are two Inverter Boards in the TV- one is the Master and one is the Slave. What was the voltage reading you got from the Power Supply output to the Master Inverter Board?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

24v dc on 5 of the pins for that plug

Okay that is normal. You either have a faulty T-Con Board (Timing Control Board), or a failed LCD Panel in the TV. You cannot test the T-Con aside from replacing it, and if the new T-Con does not fix the problem, then the LCD panel has failed and the set would then be considered "unrepairable", as the panel costs as much as a new TV to purchase.....and that is if you can even locate one. Replacing the T-Con is your only alternative at this point, and it can be located for purchase at the link below:

Sorry, that link shows out of stock.

I would suggest contacting shopjimmy and asking them to notify yo when one of the T-Cons is in stock as they are constantly getting new boards in stock.

If you need further assistance, let me know.

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Aric and other TV Specialists are ready to help you

If you need further assistance, let me know.

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