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I have a Philips 50" plasma that I bought in 2006. Model 50PF7321D/37.

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I have a Philips 50" plasma that I bought in 2006. Model 50PF7321D/37. When I turn it on, I get a blinking red light after 7 seconds. I called Philips and they said I need a tech to probably replace some power board. How long should a plasma TV work without problems, is the cost worth it? Today I can get a 60: LCD for $999. Isn't today's technology much better and upgradeable through the internet?
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To answer you question I have looked up the power board price for your Tv, it is 125.00 dealer cost, a shop repair may run you about 225 to 250 depending on the service centers in your area. That is if the power supply board is actually the problem, there are other scenarios that could cause this issue in this Tv. most of which would be more costly then the power board. You are correct in the fact that todays TV's are much more advanced and have on board internet capabilities to view many types of entertainment websites. As far as how long a unit should last I would agree that 6 years is not a long time considering the price you pay for these units. Plasma Tv's can be a a bit more expensive to repair as the Ymain and Buffers and Xmain boards are bit more costly. The average repair cost on plasma here on the east cost is 350.00 to start, really depends on what is wrong. You will have decide if the addition features you will gain on todays TV's are worth the extra expense of replacing vs repairing. I hope I have answered your questions and please do not hesitate to reply for further information or advise. I will be happy to assist with any help I can provide.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Other than "unplugging" the TV, is there anything else I can do before bringing in an "expert". I will need an in-house repair so I am estimating the cost @ $350. New Samsung LCD 60" is $999. ( although the plasma had a superior picture) The cost may not outweigh the benefit.

Do you have equipment (digital multimeter) and any experience with trouble shooting voltages? There is no reset procedure for an issue like this on this Tv. basically the unit is in a protected shut down mode as a failure has been detected by the main board in one of the vital circuits.I don't know where you are located but I think an in home repair is going to be closer to the 450 to 500 depending on what is found to be bad.
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