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How To Reset A Panasonic Viera TV To Factory Settings?

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How can I force reset Panasonic Viera to factory settings?

I just completed the first time setup on new TC-P50STW50. Probably something went wrong because after switching it off and back on I get only black screen and nothing is displayed including the menu. I am unable to reset it via menu.

If you lost your menu on the TV set, I really doubt that it's related to an incorrect setting in the first time setup.

Sounds more like the TV's computer completely locked up or your display panel lost it's drive voltages that light up the screen.

Unplug the TV set for 5 minutes, so the computer can reset itself and reboot. Plug it in and turn it on. If it was just locked up, you will have access to your TV's menu. If it's still missing, you got a TV set that died the moment you turned the TV on the second time.

I've seen that happen. In those situations, I don't even think twice about telling my customers to call the store it was purchased at and talk to the manager of the store, tell them you want to exchange the TV for another one.

To me, that's the right thing to do and the store should be more than happy to exchange a defective new TV for one that works. You shouldn't have to wait to get a brand new TV serviced by a Panasonic authorized service provider and I am one.

So seriously, try the 5 minute unplug and if it doesn't recover, call the manager because they have the ability to make issues like this right with their customers.

They should exchange the TV, just because it's the most convenient thing for you.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for the prompt and detailed answer.

The 5 minute unplug did not help. I tried it already earlier and mentioned it in "Already Tried" section.

However I have found on the web the other solution that did the trick. One has to press and hold the "VOL" button on the TV itself and the MENU button on the remote. The TV then became responsive to the remote again making it possible to navigate through the menu. I think from here I can find my way to reset to factory settings.

If you had to do a reset like that were you experiencing any storms in your area?

My concern is this. The 5 minute unplug should have corrected that issue but if it came alive by doing that reset, you may experience it again. If you repeatedly have to use that reset there is a problem with the TV's software. You could have a defect in the EEprom or the software is corrupt.

If there is a Firmware update on your TV model, that can rewrite corrupted software but it cannot fix a bad EEprom.

My recommendation at this point in time is to monitor your TV for about 3 or 4 days at most and see if the problem consistently shows up. If so, look for a firmware update on Panasonic's support site.

Try that, test it for a day or two. If it still acts up, then the EEprom is defective.

A TV set might get glitched by a storm or erratic power, but it should not repeat that problem over and over. Run it for a couple days and if you had a storm when you were first doing the setup, then you can blame it on that.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks again.

Your point about the storm is brilliant. We had a storm here in Dresden while I was setting up the TV. I really did not expect it might have some permanent effect on the TV. I did already reset it to factory defaults but it still comes alive only with help of "VOL" button on the TV.

I will try the software upgrade later today and let you know the result.

Ok, with that information, the fact you can only turn it on with the Vol - button, Google "Panasonic Support". It gets you to their support site. put your model number in and if there is a FIRMWARE update, that's the only way to actually rewrite the computer's software.

I hope you find something available. I generally tell my customers to not update their Firmware unless they have a specific problem because if you SAVE your firmware and the TV's firmware does get corrupted, you have something that can re-write it ! But if you keep updating the firmware and your firmware gets corrupted, you end up having to wait for the next firmware to appear online before you can use your TV again!

And what if they never need to update the firmware? Then you have to replace the TV's main board and that is a lot more expensive than a free firmware update.

Look for the firmware. If none is available, it really is FASTER to exchange it at the store than wait for a Panasonic authorized service provider to replace the board.

The GOOD news, Panasonic stands by the quality of their product and because of that, PLATINUM Authorized service providers have loaner TV sets they can loan you while waiting for parts. The down side is that you do have to give them a credit card number, sign a paper stating if it's damaged you pay for the repair, if it's stolen you pay for the TV, but how often does that happen? Never or rarely. We haven't ever had one get broke or stolen.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

OK, I have updated the software and this did not resolve the problem but I have discovered another solution. I think your storm idea suggests that it might be some interference that makes difficult for TV to receive the signal from the remote while in low-power sleeping mode and indeed, while pushing the power button of the remote does nothing except short blink of the red led on TV, holding that button for about 2 second turns the TV on! Almost like a old car that have a lazy starter so you have to hold the key a bit before the engine starts :)

Thanks again for all the information, it helped me a lot and saved me form the headache contacting the local Panasonic service centre. I am recently in Germany and still almost do not speak German, while most of the locals are not very comfortable with English. Anyways, I think I am fine now since waiting for 2 seconds before TV starts is a negligible inconvenience.

Nice workaround.

But it's kind of a bummer that the TV has been affected. To fix your problem, you do need to replace the TV's main board where the software and computer is located. You do want to do that under the manufacturer's warranty.

That raises a question.

Did you buy it locally or are you in a position where you bought it hundreds of miles away and getting it exchanged at the store just isn't a realistic option for you right now?

I'd still want to get it exchanged because it's FAST but if you purchased it in England and you try to get it serviced in Germany, are the German parts the same parts used in England??

I know all the countries in Europe use DVB-T, so you would think the boards are the same, but there's always that question. Then comes the question of whether Panasonic UK and Panasonic DE are the same company that cover warranty work continent-wide because Panasonic USA sure doesn't carry parts for Panasonic UK and vice versa. So is it the same between countries in Europe?

Challenging situation.

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