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I have a Samsung DLP TV Model HLR5067WX/XAA. Noise I hear is

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I have a Samsung DLP TV Model HLR5067WX/XAA. Noise I hear is not what I have seen described in other posts on line. It sounds like an engine revving up. It goes faster and then slower and then faster again. Noise started suddenly. I still have picture, but quality is low. Took off back panel and removed lamp. Took off larger panel to expose the rest of the electronics. Both fans are turning and seem ok. Any thoughts?

If you're getting a picture, then your lamp and color wheel should be locked and operating correctly.


But you describe a color wheel that isn't locked....and that would stop the lamp from lighting.


Does the picture freeze, maybe go black, then the color wheel keeps spinning up faster and faster, then slows down? I had one do that because the white plug on the color wheel LOOKED plugged in, but it hadn't LOCKED in....but that occurred AFTER I had done some work on the color wheel, not before like you stated.


Talk to me about that. Were you getting spin up sounds before you even took your TV apart, or AFTER?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Simply watching TV then the noise started suddenly. No work had been done on the TV at that point.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am getting a picture, however, the quality is poor.

Grab the TV cabinet...can you FEEL the noise in your TV cabinet?

That's a broken color wheel if you can feel it or even Hear it.

Gets loud and nasty. The worst one I ever ran across, BOTH the customer and I had to YELL our conversation to each other.


Other times a normal conversation suffices, and some vibrate the cabinet, some don't.

But vibrating cabinets is a telltale sign.

If you press the power button and then you hear -- "buh RRRRROARRRRRRR" (sounds like a piece of woodworking equipment in high school shop class) then it's color wheel related.


How you get a picture is surprising...most don't even light up the lamp with a bad color wheel. They're so out of balance they can't get to full speed to light the lamp.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes it's loud, like an engine revving up. Yes I can feel it. I thought it might be the color wheel, but the nature of the noise is not like anything I have seen described as a color wheel failure.

How can I be sure it is the color wheel and not something else? I have seen references on line to an "engine" or "light engine". If I can be certain it is the color wheel, I will order a new one and replace it.

Can you send me directions for removing and replacing the color wheel that are specific to my model?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Remember also, that it is not a constant roar. It speeds up and slows down. Sounds like an engine revving or a very loud hard drive as it spins up and down.

Ok, here's a little "factoid" from my experiences...if the color wheel is shattered, it's off balance. If it's off balance, some of the times you "FEEL" it vibrate the TV's cabinet.


The color wheel does try to spin up to speed, if it can't get up to speed, it shuts down and trys again...usually about 3 times before it shuts off the TV and flashes the 3 LED lights up front.


That's what I usually expect to see and hear and feel....


However, if your lamp is lighting...then the TV THINKS everything is fine, and it can continue to run if ONE out of THREE restarts sends an OK signal back to the TV's micro. The TV only blinks the 3 lights if THREE attempted restarts failed to deliver an OK signal.


And a TV set like yours can spin higher and higher before it maxxes out and spins down again. do have a bad color wheel simply because of the vibrating cabinet.


We should replace it.




Two different color wheels dependent upon the Version number.




Version number is XXXXX on the right side of the cabinet on this sticker--




If there's no version...then it's the 01 since it's the FIRST Version.

Get that info.


Get back to me.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No version number is XXXXX the tag.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Are you still with me?

Umm, yeah...I'm still with you. Information retrieval isn't's pretty time-intensive.



You must know if your Chassis ID is L3 or L6





BP96-00674 is your part number FOR CHASSIS (L3)


Available here --


BP96-01103A is your part number FOR CHASSIS L6


Available here --


How to know if you have L3 or L6 chassis --






Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Chassis Number is XXXXX That is L6 I guess. Would you agree? I have an 800 number to call Samsung to verify before I order.

At this point, all I need is a set of directions to remove and reinstall the color wheel. Do you have a document or a link to a site where I can get that?

Yeah...I have complete disassembly.


Tell you what, order the part. Later today when things slow down, remind me about disassembly.


I'll get those to you later because right answers are getting clipped by your questions



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I'll wait for disassembly instructions. I prefer to have the old part in my hand before ordering a replacement. Please send the instructions as soon as possible. I won't post any thing else.

I'm that way too....I don't like taking things apart and 3 days later I get the part and wonder where this part goes and that part goes, and how did the old part fit in....this way or that way?


You probably should have the part Wednesday or Thurday at the latest. So, send me a note then, and It'll take about an hour to get a bunch of pictures together showing you disassembly. I'll send a followup on my end to remind you.


Save this page in your internet's easier to access the question that way and contact me anytime you want.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I'm sorry if I wasn't clear. I was trying to say that I will wait to order the part until after I have disassembly instructions. I don't want to order the part until I have disassembled the unit and removed the old color wheel. If you don't have disassembly instructions readily available just let me know. I don't need help searching the web.

I also don't need help ordering a part.

I am seeking expert advise on my TV. If it is the color wheel as you say, then the help I need is the instructions on how to remove and replace it.

Oh, I want disassembly NOW correct?


I can do that...

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Don't be offended, but if I understand the process correctly I had to answer low to get to follow up. I am frustrated and I am sure you think you spent too much time on this, but 24 minutes after your first response I asked for instructions to remove and replace the color wheel. If you can do that it would be great and we can close this with a happy face!
No problem, give me an hour, I'll get the full disassembly for you, ok

Here is your Disassembly instructions --








A couple of Key points. When you pull the ribbon cable out of the shielded board. Make sure the Foils point the same exact direction that the old color wheel's foils came out of the socket.


They point towards the back of the TV set when installed correctly.


The white wire on the color wheel....that's the speed sensor. Make sure it's fully seated in the socket, otherwise the color wheel will spin out of control and the lamp will not light.


Other than that, the color wheel is easily installed in the top of the engine. If the color wheel is shattered, use a vacuum to get all the glass out of the color wheel chamber.


That'll get you going.



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