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SONY Bravia KDL-40EX500 not powering up We had this issue

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SONY Bravia KDL-40EX500 not powering up

We had this issue 6 days ago when it stopped powering up (even the Standby/Ready light was not coming on) and after almost 24 hours of trying on and off to keep it unplugged and trying a couple sockets, it started working, just like that !

Since yesterday, it has started doing it all over again where the red Standby light itself is not coming on.

We have been using this without any problems since March 2010 and have the Idle Standby setting (auto switch-off after an hour) enabled (and auto-switching off the unit pretty frequently).

How long have you had the set for?

Additionally, are you saying that currently the set shows no signs of life at all?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
We have this TV since March 2010. And you're right, the set shows no life at all right now.

What you've been doing when unplugging the set is known as a hard reset and it effectively drains the residual current from the power supply. This is usually a temporary fix for a problem in the power supply itself.

The most common cause of this problem in these sets, is failing capacitors in the power supply. They are similar to batteries, in that once they are charged, they can continue to run inedifinitely, but once they receive several surges, the resistance gets so low, that they act as a short, and can intermittently shut down. The solution is to have the capacitors replaced. Average cost for this type of repair is around $200 parts and labor.

You can use the link below to locate a service center in your area:

If you need further assistance, let me know.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for the answer, Aric. I have fair (academic) experience with electronics (and a lot of practical experience with computers), so may I ask if this is something that could be tracked down to the exact component myself and fixed/replaced?


The first thing you would want to check for in the set, are the capacitors visually, making sure none are bulged, swollen or leaking fluid. The Power Supply is the board inside the TV that power cord directly attaches to. The picture at the link shows a leaking capacitor: repairscomputer

Any that do not appear cylindrical, or are leaking you would take the rating (In uf), and the voltage off the cap (example: 2200 uf, 50 vdc), and cross reference them at the sites below:

They each solder into place with two leads, a positive and a negative. Make sure you solder the news ones in the same way, or they will explode when the TV is powered up.

If you do not see any signs of failing caps, then it would be much easier and more cost effective to simply replace the Power Supply Board, which is a plug an dplay module and can be purchased at the link below:

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks once again. One more clarification please...

You said "If you do not see any signs of failing caps, then it would be much easier and more cost effective to simply replace the Power Supply Board".

Can I directly opt for changing the Power Supply Board itself?

Given the symptoms of intermittent switching off, can we conclusively say it is an issue with the power supply board?

Thank you.
Yes you can simply move to replacing the board first of course. The symptoms you're having indicate that you have a bad power supply.
if another board had the failure in your set, then you would have a blinking light on the power supply which would give a code to indicate which other circuit has the problem. Seeing as you do not have any power light lit at all, this indicates that you are not even getting the basic power up voltage to the supply. If you need further assistance let me know. If not, please do not forget to rate my answer.
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