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How can I fix my flickering tv screen?? it occationally turns

Customer Question

How can I fix my flickering tv screen?? it occationally turns the screen off.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 5 years ago.
If you activate your TV menu, does it also flicker? Does it look like the TV screen loses it's light (screen goes black instead of glowing gray)?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

the screen is definetly losing its glow, it comes in & also goes blank after a while-is it worth fixing or is it better to just get a new one?

Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 5 years ago.

Well, there's two things I look at to determine if it's worth repairing or not.


The menu and how it's affected by the problem.


The panel glowing or not.


On LCD TV sets, I try to peek in the back if there's some vents near the top of the TV. Usually the TV will display some white light out the slots cut into the back of the LCD panel.


On plasmas, I darken the room, and when the problem appears I see if the Plasma panel goes Jet-Black or if it stays lit a subtle gray light.


And of course you mentioned "it turns the screen off". There's a difference between turning the screen off and turning the whole TV off. If you have to push the power button to turn it on, then then whole TV is turning off. If it's just flickering the Screen, usually we look at a power supply or a Drive board that lights up the panel.


I think we should get the model number off the TV set and see what we are working on.

Most Sanyo TV models are DP(screen size) xxx, ie -- DP42835-01.


It located on the back of the TV on a sticker.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I am not too sure what is going on with it, as it appears to have stopped-well for the time being, Can you explain why it would stop doing this? If there is a problem wouldnt it just keep happening?

Its a plasma & doesnt seem to be producing as much heat as before.


Any idea what maybe going on??

Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 5 years ago.

I can tell you it's HEAT related....Problems that come and go are generally caused by changes in temperature and expansion/contraction of components due to heat.


Parts shrink and expand because of it, connections make and break. Electronics move just like parts in a car or even a watch move. You state the plasma doesn't produce as much heat as before...I keyed in on that part. It's most likely the reason why it's working right now.


Since you are losing the picture and the picture is black/flickering, I know it's related to the panel losing it's prime. I know if you can't see the menu, that pretty much points to the Ysus or Ydriver not priming /lighting up the plasma panel. There is a chance the Logic board that actually turns on the Ysus/Ydriver could be losing it's Power On command line that powers those up with the power supply.


You stated - " also goes blank after a while".

To me, that's slightly different than "the screen is definetly losing its glow".

Is it? When it blanks, is the panel still lit?


Because if it is....LOGIC BOARD would do BOTH.

Blank the picture, and make the screen lose it's glow. At different times too.


" it occationally turns the screen off"

The logic board can turn the screen fact it can turn the TV off too.

Some logic boards have a light on them. They indicate the Logic Micro is active, and processing.


I'd be interested in seeing if it has one, but when you remove the back cover to test it....the TV runs cooler. If this issue occurs when the TV is cold, it may stay bad, but if it occurs only when the TV is may never get it to act up.


And I really don't recommend we take the back off and keep it off to fix the issue.. If it was just me, and me only in the home, I would. But there's others in my home. I never know what they'd do...







Customer: replied 5 years ago.

When it goes blank, the panel blue light is still lit, so as to turn back on- I turn it to standby & then back on.

It comes back on & returns to normal viewing.

Last night my partner watched TV for around 3hrs & she did mention that it seemed good, except for one thing- the picture quality wasnt at its best.


What do you think I should do?

Just go & buy a new TV or wait & see if it goes away permanently.



Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 5 years ago.

What do you think I should do?

Just go & buy a new TV or wait & see if it goes away permanently.


You know, I've been a field service tech for well over 20 years, and I've learned that usually when a customers ASKS if they should get a new TV....they're actually wanting a new TV for some reason or another.


You just made my job hard.


You see, I'm not one of these Techs that takes the easy way out. I know that the only reason to replace a TV is if the Plasma Panel is actually bad. And from your description of the symptoms, you would have to have a crack in the glass to get the flickering if the panel was bad. I have seen that. Picture quality as your partner mentioned could simply be a Low Def picture on a High Def TV screen, so I have to discount that as a symptom.


My job is to save you money. I look at the overall best route for my customer.

But I also have to LISTEN to what you want too.


That's why my job just got hard. If you're strapped for cash, fixing it is better. If it's OLD technology and doesn't fit your lifestyle, and the cost of a new TV is of no consequence....AND you just can't have an unreliable TV sitting in your home, then I'd probably lean towards replacement, and using the TV as the 2nd TV in your home.

I'd still fix it, but as the 2nd TV it can wait until the failure point becomes more obvious to us.


So, it's hard for me to make a judgement call like that. It's your money, and your time, and your personal desires and pretty much your call.


Hey....I want a riding lawnmower. I wanted a Camaro, and I'd really like to get a Samsung 3D LED. But my lawnmower works although my legs cramp up mowing the lawn, my Car works just fine although it's got some age to it, and my TV is an HD CRT projection unit that isn't as sharp as my wife's LCD TV set is....I struggle with those decisions too.

I could simply go into debt getting what I want, or I can fix what I can fix and replace what needs replacing.


You see how tough this just became?


Turn the TV OFF, then back on....and it becomes normal?

And this --


You stated - " also goes blank after a while".

To me, that's slightly different than "the screen is definetly losing its glow".

Is it? When it blanks, is the panel still lit?


I really think that one question will tell us a LOT about your problem. If it's lit but blanked -- that's the logic board. Turn the TV off then on...Logic too. Black panel....One of three boards. Logic is one of the three.


Symptoms tells us a LOT.


For may have a TV set from 1492 that sailed with Columbus. That would be justifiable to replace it if you want 3D. Or if you have one that's EDTV like the 2000 to 2004 models were. I can't justify internet access on a TV, better to get it on a Blu Ray player.


So...what do YOU THINK? Replacement or Repair ?

Answer the question in BOLD and we'll be a little closer to the final analysis.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I really dont want to buy a new TV-but from what I have been told & my research -tells me I will be spending around the same amount to get this fixed.

I bought this tv 2 years ago & spent quite a bit of money-the same TV is now worth about 1/3 I paid for it!!

So I hope you can understand my position.

Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 5 years ago.

I'd fix it.


Key question is that Picture Blanks the panel lit when it blanks? I know it does go black as you stated, but "blanks" makes me wonder if you also see the screen lit, but no picture on the lit screen.




What is your TV's model number?? We never did get to that.