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How do I download HP Solution Software

Resolved Question:

How do I download HP Solution Software
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 5 years ago.

I usually don't have to install HP Solutions software to load HP Printer software. I just go directly to --


and download the drivers and software bundle to my computer and run it.


HP Solution Center is part of the Full Feature Software and Drivers download.


Are you attempting to use the DVD disc that came with your printer, and it's asking you or telling you to load HP Solutions? A Samsung Laptop should not require that to load printer drivers. It's simply a piece of software to assist you if problems occur.


That's usually used if you have specific problems with the printer not working correctly.

Take a look on the right edge of this site and it lists problems encountered, with solutions to the issues. It's more up to date with problems.



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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I can Print Fine but I don't know how to Scan or Copy
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 5 years ago.

Ok, F22800 isn't actually the model number of the printer you have.


Take a look at this page, you'll see how HP numbers the models. I'll let you know I just got the HP6600 printer, and it is designed differently than the older models. Older models provided a separate piece of software to print and scan.


I have some pictures of my printer that show the Copy and Scan buttons.


Copy should be as simple as loading the page you want to copy.





Scanning...that looks like you have to have an extra piece of software to connect your computer to the printer for scanning. Actually on mine...I just pressed the SCAN button and it sent it straight over to my computer. (It was included with the setup software that came with the printer)


Let me show you --




Now that's just pushing the SCAN button on my HP6600 (we need your actual model number to compare it)


And when I went over to my computer, there it was --




And I have NEVER used my scanning until you asked how to do it.


Actually, I'm Impressed with HP making it that simple. I loaded the software, answered the questions it asked, and it did all the setup for me.


So, I'm hoping you own an HP 6600, or 6700 or 6800 because that's the models that operate exactly like mine does.


I suspect HP made other models exactly the same way. So the only question I have is what is your model number ? We'll get your problem figured out.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My Printer IS HP HP F2280 I don't have the feature you show with ny Printer Driver.
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 5 years ago.

Ok, The way your printer is laid out, it was probably built around the same time as my PSC1610 was. Same software same age.


I will tell you this...I had SO MANY problems loading the software off the disc, that when I went to the HP website and downloaded it directly, it installed JUST FINE.


The problem I had? Well first, it took HOURS for it to load everything. Full install was a couple hours. Was yours the same way too? The downloaded version took some serious time, but at least it loaded FULLY. And I could scan...


Now, I have highligted in yellow a couple warnings about Win 7 and your printer.

I also highlighted in RED the online printer software. If you cannot get your printer to scan with your present software, you may be forced to remove the OLD software after you have downloaded the most recent software online.


The MOST problems I was simply keeping the scanning software operational with the printer.


So, here's a picture of your software/manuals page with important things you need to KNOW if you have WIN 7 (or Vista) --




And this is the SITE -- double click it.


I always recommend you check the Software and Download section to make sure you have the most up to date /corrected software.


Discs are outdated in comparison.


Next, Copying is really a very simple task --




2 buttons and you have a copy in your hands.



But scanning...that requires the FULL software download, not just the drivers. You need the software that actually reads the scan and lets you edit and print it. (I never did like mine)


Here is the information on that --




Ok, that should get you up to speed, get your HP software updated, and get you fully connected for copying and scanning.





I am wondering about something.


Are you simply using these features "once in a while" ?


Or is your intent to "get serious" with the usage of Copy and Scan functions ?


WHY do I ask ?


Simply because if you do intend on "getting serious" and you are using Vista or Win 7 and your printer is as old as I think it looks from the (Win 2000) references, then your printer's cartridge connections are likely to go bad like mine did.


Couldn't print....color cartridge connections failed....had to keep re-installing the cartridge until it ALLOWED me to print.


$120 later....I had the HP 6600. And you see how Pretty that sweet little piece of sugah is....


Only you know the age of your printer. Only I know what happens when they get old and what the new ones do....Thought I'd share that with you.