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50" Vizio plasma vp50 hdtv10a Progressive problem, sound

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50" Vizio plasma vp50 hdtv10a Progressive problem, sound but no picture. Then after about 30 seconds hear a relay click inside the TV and then no sound. Shut of TV turn back on a few times then sound would stay on . . . but still no pictue. Evetually picture would appear as very intermittent dark / negative like images progressing to a flicker between normal picture to (intermittent dark/negative like images).
Finally flickering would stop and you were left with a normal picture. This process was takeing longer and longer having to cycle power more often untill near the end it took about 5 minutes before a normal picture would appear. Now powercycling never gets a normall picture. Screen stays nearly completely dark almost all the time. Play with the remote and can get a flicker of a few pixels on the right. I beleive the power supply is OK ,measured output pins at power suppply and votages look OK. Va = 58V , Vs = 193 V , different places for 5v measure 4.7V to 5.2V , 12v points = 12.1V , 24V points = 24.1V , 9v points = 8.9v , and unused connectore labled 3.3Vsc = 3.5V
Is this plasma set worth saving?

can you attach and send me a picture of the screen and what you see on it?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hey Allan , sorry got called away for a moment. The picture is Black, there is no picture at all any more. If I play with remote and click on "gude" then clik on "info" (to get show synopsis) then click on "exit" to bring me back to a regular screen . . . then sometimes when going trough that I'll see a few pixels flash near the edge. Right now the set is big and HEAVY and resting on its face on the couch. I did that so I could get at the back and removed the cover and to take the voltage measurements. Setting it back up to send you a black picture I don;t think will help.

do you know what the sustain boards are?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No I'm sorry I do not know where thery are.

From their name "sustain" I'd infer that they prbably have something to do with keeping something refreshed.

Are they the boards on ether side of the TV that have the flex mylar ribbon cables going to them.

can you attach me a picture of the back of the tv? here is a link that shows the button for attaching pictures.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
took a picture with my phone and sent it to the worng link , gonna sending it again.graphic Neil's Visio plasma vp50 hdtv10a

ok marked are the sustain boards heat sinks. let the set run for 15mins then touch each one. only one at a time. tell me if both are running warm?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Heatsinks on Sustain boards are cold to touch. But the symptoms have changed. Where before I was able to cycle power hear sound for a 10 to 30 seconds then hear a relay click (relay sounds llike its on the power supply board) and sound would go away. I would performe that a few times when eventually sound would stay on. . . . now every time I turn the TV on sound is there for only about 10 to 30 seconds untill I hear that relay click and no matter how many times I cycle power the sound no longer remains on for more than the 10 to 30 seconds. When sound is there all power supply voltages are there. When sound goes away nearly all the PwrSply voltages go away.

Vs should be 193V but is only there when sound is ther untill I hear a relay click then it drops to 5v eventully bleeding closer to zerov volts

Va should be 58V but when sound goes awaya with relay click Va voltage dros to zero.

9v , 12v , 24v , 3.5v , are all change to zero after the relay clicks. Same goes for almost all the 5v points though a few on one connector remain.

graphicok i have marked two boards. we need to unhook one at a time and try turning the tv on. and see if we get a picture. only remove it from the board side and not the panel side. it can just lay there. be careful not to mess with or tear the ribbon cables on the left side of them.




Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hey Allan, First I want to say thanks for giving me some things to try. The sound is able to stay on now after just a few power cycles. When you say disonnect the the two side boards,

(what are they called?

For now I;m calling them UPPER-LEFT-orange-ribbon-cable-board and



The UPPER -LEFT has a small bundle of one black and eleven white wries that are only one inch long and jumper between UPPER-LEFT and the "sustain board" .

then there is another one inch long bundle, one black and eleven white, that jumpers between UPPER-LEFT and LOWER-LEFT. these are what I disconnected to remove them from the circuit. Still no picture.


the are called upper and lower :)


and yes you are correct on removing the jumpers

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

That's funny.

I'm thinking we should try the right side but the right side does not have separate boards. The orange ribbon cables come right off the RIGHT-sustain board. Can we determine something by disconnecting it?

Also what are yu thinking about what we know thus far.

Can this plasma TV be fixed at a resonalble price or is it still too soon to tell?

Right now all cables are reconnected.

to soon to tell

disconnecting the right sustain board (z-sustain) will tell me nothing.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Is ther something else I might be able to try for you?


Also the notation at the bottom of each of your texts says


Please press the ACCEPT button when finished so I can get full credit for helping you.


Where is this ACCEPT button?



i think i misunderstood you. so you have already tried the upper and lower each separate and still no picture?.... the accept button i will send when we are done. that is just a signature line you reading.




Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yes , I have already tried the Just the UPPER-LEFT,


Can't try Just having power/signal the LOWER-LEFT because it gets it's signal from that small one inch long bundle of twelve wires one black and eleven white wires. Silkscreen on the "Sustain board" looks lables eleven of the twelve wires ( I think maybe one of the lines may have two wires carrying the same signal / or power.) But something does not seem correct to me. Though one of the lines, according to the silk screen, should be 5v and at least four should be ground I do not measure 5v on any one. The voltages on most are varying from 8.2V to 24.8 only one line appears steady form 0.1V to 0.4V (I'm using a Fluke 8020b multimeter). Measuring each line in theat one inch long bundle of twelve to chassis ground.


the silk skcreen shows

between Sustain and UPPER-LEFT













These one inch twelve wire bundles look like the only connection to the UPPER_LEFT and LOWER-LEFT asside from the orange-flexable-mylar-ribbon-cables. Unless there is a connection underneath the these boards that I cannot yet see.

Did I remove them correctly from the citcuit. And is there a way to remove the UPPER-LEFT and keep the LOWER-LEFT n the circuit.


I'm going to have to step out for a couple of hous so I'll look for your responce when I return.

Thanks again Allan.


i am going to read over the service manual so let me know when you are back. your problem is odd. in most cases like this one of the sustain boards and the other one is not. we know this because one is running hot and the other one cool meaning it is not running. but you have two that are running cool... makes me think the panel itself is bad.. but i will let you know later.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I got delayed leaving.


When both were cold I was in a "configuration" where a relay would click and sound would stop and voltages gao away.


Now that I have cycle power a few more times the sound has stayed on and both heat sinks are now warm.


The the first few power ups where that relay clicks and most power goes away i think is telling us something. But now in the current configuration the sound is remaining on (still no picture) all tree big balck heat sinks are warm . two on left side and one on right side. I think I'm still gonna have to go again so may be delayed two hours.

if the sustains are running then you have a bad panel. the reason it does click and shut off sometimes is because there is a feed back from the panel and it draws too much current it will shut down the tv. there is a very small chance that one of the sustains is bad and causing this issue,but the only test is to replace them. odds are they are ok because they are warm witch means they are running. so it is very small odds. but if you want to try them let me know and i will tell you the best place to buy them.... just reply back when you can i am here till 1am east coast time.




Customer: replied 5 years ago.

1 AM , My gosh Allan in what time zone are you located?

I'm not leaving now , missed my window of oppertunity.


When you say the "panel" that's also known as the actual "plasma screen" itself.

I assuming that's many dollars.

The date on this thing is 2007_02 We got it I think around that time or maybe 2007_12.

So even if it's a small chance that this can be saved with a Sustain board , we are not sure which one , so probably should get both. How much money might they be?

What is the typical life of a well used plasma screen?

I'm afraid even if it gets fixed with sustain boards then we'd only have a short remaining life on the "panel" . "plasma screen".

So if it were your TV would would you do?

the y-sus is 150 the z-sus is 72

it is a very hard call. the panels are good for around 10 years. you can always return them with a restocking fee i think it is 15%.

i will the decision up to you.




oh yes i am east coast. florida

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
How much is a panel / pllasma screen?

they run 900 plus shipping.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

OK Allan. Thanks

I've got a little thinkin' to do.


You mentioned a place where we could get those things , at least the Sustain boards.

Where is that? Plasme screen from the same people?


I think we're done for now after you answer those questions.


Again thank you very much.

Take care, hope the rest of you night goes quickly.

here are the links. be sure when you order that they do match yours.


the panel would be a special order and i am not sure we can get it. i would have to call them if we went to that, but i really would not tell you to put that much into this unit.






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