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Electra-Tech, Technician
Category: TV
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I just upgraded to a Dish Network TV Hopper.

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I just upgraded to a Dish Network TV Hopper. The aspect ratio is fine on all HDTV channels, but when I watch standard definition channels on my Plasma Pioneer Television, it automatically flips to a stretched version. Even when I adjust it via the # XXXXX my remote, it still flips back to the stretched version. Anything i can do?

This didn't happen when I had my Dish VIP DVR, the Hopper must have caused it.  I also notice the screen format changing when I watch commercials.  I think it has something to do with some commercials are national and HDTV vs local and standard definition.

Electra-Tech :

It sound like your dish network box or tv might have a auto format setting that is adjusting the pix on non HDTV broadcast. I will look at the manual of the tv to see.

Electra-Tech :

I down loaded the owner manual and found a auto size featcher that will auto adjust the pix when receiving signal from HDMI:

The plasma display automatically selects an appropriate screen

size when video signals are received from a connected HDMI

device (see page 71). To activate this function, use the following





Select “Option“ ( / then ENTER).


Select “Auto Size“ ( / then ENTER).


Select “Natural” or “Wide-Zoom” ( / then ENTER

Electra-Tech :




Enlarges and displays only the 4:3 aspect ratio portion in


full and wide screen

Naturally adjusts the image to the screen

Deactivates the Auto Size function

Electra-Tech :

Let me know if this works. When you get into the home menu and options look to see if auto format is on or off. If on turn off and that will cure your issue. If it is off than I would go into your dishnet work menu and find something simular with auto formating.


That appears to have solved it, let me watch it a little more and watch some commercials.

Electra-Tech :

That is great news to hear. If all is ok please accept the answer with button on your web page so I can get the credit. It was fun helping you and If I can be of further assistance please don't hesitate to key in. Thank you very much and you and your family have a great sunday!

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