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Hi Mike...another problem with the RCA 40 inch tv is the picture

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Hi Mike...another problem with the RCA 40 inch tv is the picture does not fit the screen. There is a 4 inch black area on each side. Please help.

Good morning,

The size and shape of the picture on your screen is set in two places- the Tv and the cable box. So you have to use both remotes to find a combination of size and shape that you like. On the RCA remote-

Left arrow/FORMAT Press repeatedly to change the screen format: Normal, Zoom, Center, Stretch. Go to page 39 for more information on screen formats


On the Motorola DCX700 it's a little more complex. Basically you need to enter that secret menu again (Power off the cable box, Press MENU on the cable remote) and setup three things:

1. TV TYPE - set to 16:9

2. YPbPr/HDMI OUT - set to 1080i ONLY (un-select everything else)

3. 4:3 Over-ride - set to STRETCH (if you don't like black bars on the sides of non hd channels)

See the manual starting on page 29



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