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My Mitsubishi 73734 dlp has no picture, only sound. Error code

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My Mitsubishi 73734 dlp has no picture, only sound. Error code 61. In the service guide it states that error code 61 is the light engine. I replaced the lamp twice and then replaced the ballast. Still same concern. TV comes on for about a minute with no light at all but does have sound. I have seen the spark as the ballast tries to light. Seems to me that if it was the light engine that the tv lamp would still light up but be distorted or have dots or something. What do you think?

That SPARK is the KEY...So is the 61 error code.


Where are you buying your lamps at?? Mitsubishi Direct ?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
SoCal through

Neither one of your lamps showed up in a box like this one did it....




Originals have that 3 Diamond Logo on the box.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No, the lamps did not show up in a box like that.

V37 Chassis


Well, with a code 61 --




AND --




You would THINK the TV's engine was actually BAD !!




I have seen the spark as the ballast tries to light. Seems to me that if it was the light engine ...




And I agree with you. You would NOT get that spark. we actually have to double-check that the ballast is actually sparking, because it will determine whether your Lamps are the cause or the Engine is actually bad.


So, let's get the rear cover off of your TV set, then remove the lamp, and make sure the Door switch is either jumpered or activated so the TV will turn on, then you can listen or LOOK at the new ballast and make sure you get CONSISTENT sparking on your Ballast. We get consistent sparking, your engine is working, and delivering the Lamp Enable signal that turns on the ballast.


And when it shuts can see if you still get the Code 61 when the lamp is disconnected. You may get may get 34....or you may get 61 and all would be due to the lamp not being plugged in.


Either way, I believe your lamp just isn't up to the "required standards" of a Mitsubishi Original lamp.


Been there....done that. You get what you pay for.


Run that test. Ballast fires consistently, you get that sparking and your engine is OK.








Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I had it all taken apart. I put it back together and have tried it. No spark with either the new or the old ballast. After about a minute the sound from the speakers stops and the red status light comes on. I pushed menu and input to get the status code and it came up 61(as it has since this problem started). So I was getting spark before. But now no spark at all.

Ok, before we assume the engine isn't firing up the ballast, make sure you have the Main power line connected and that little wire cable that connects your ballast to your Shelded metal box on the light engine is connected too. Check the PINS on the ballast and Shielded metal box. If one is bent....straighten it.


If it worked before....we look at things we did to see if something is not right on it.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Pins and connections are good. I did notice if I pull out the wedge I have in the lamp door sensor(instead of putting the lamp door back on i used a small wedge to mimic the door being closed), I do see a spark when I pull out the wedge and trigger the sensor. When I turn on the TV though, there is no spark then the sound from the TV speakers begin to play what is being broadcast. No picture as the lamp does not light.

I usually jumper mine for a more reliable test --




My Favorite is just my 2nd Favorite with the resistor cut off.

It's an "unquestionable" connection. Known to be good, No variances, no questions that it's good.


Did I bump that wedge ? Is that wedge popping out?

Like I said, no questions it's plugged in.


I suspect you have a bad dmd if your Color Wheel, Fans and Lamp are not going through the startup sequence.


Fans first

Color Wheel 2nd

Lamp 3rd.


Any of those activating?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
- I put a jumper on the connector as shown in the picture you showed above.
- No luck. Still no picture. The Fans, Color Wheel, and Lamp are not coming on.
- When I first turn on the tv, there is a click noise, then nothing until the speakers start playing the audio. Fans, Color Wheel, and Lamp do nothing.

All dead...that usually a dead dmd module or the main power on line to the Dmd. You would get a 17 or 18 Fail code if the main power on line was bad. But you're getting a 61. It's pointing more and more to the engine.





Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Is it common for the Dmd chip to fail and if so, what can I do to help prevent a new chip from failing in the future? The fan and heatsink both had a lot of dust. I have already cleaned this.

There's really not much you can do to avoid a failure like that. Just try to keep it well ventilated, but in most cases manufacturers anticipate reduction in air flow over time and give plenty of room for that to occur.


I've seen TVs with 4 inches of dust on them...they run fine. They're a pain to service, and I've only had ONE unit that was that bad, but most units can handle the heat fins filled with dust. Of course, it's BETTER when vacuumed on a regular basis, like every 6 months in a very Dusty environment. But most homeowners may only get a 1/4 inch of dust on theirs, and that's not going to cause problems.



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