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We are constantly getting dropped signals when watching Netflix

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We are constantly getting dropped signals when watching Netflix between the hours of 6-9pm. We have a Panasonic viera with the panasonic adapter. we had the cable tech come out and measure our signal strength. Our incoming signal is strong and our router signal is strong. The issue is with Panasonic's wi-fi easy iptv server. Our laptops work perfectly streaming the movies. The Panasonic tv does not.

What is the issue and is it solvable?

It is solvable, you're sending too much "Video Quality" to your TV set and the internet, and the Netflix servers cannot handle the Demand placed on it during PEAK hours.


You're downloading a video stream from Netflix. When you only have 2000 users online it's easy for their servers to deliver High Quality Video.


But when you get 200,000 users online, and then you have 700,000 users using your Internet Provider's services....things get slow, and you have to share the total throughput of Netflix and your internet provider's servers.


Now you have to share more...


So, go online to Netflix from your computer, access your account and turn down the "Video Quality" setting in Netflix's account.


That usually lets you watch Netflix on your TV set without any issues.


And yes, I do see this occur on my own TV and my computers seem to work fine when it happens.


Here, take a look at this --




Manage Video Quality is there for slower connections and heavier usage times. Adjust it down one level.


If you have any questions, just ask

Tips are greatly appreciated !


Thank you.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i"ll check this out during peak hours and see if it helps solve thie issueso. You're sure its not Panasonic's server?

Actually, Netflix is the server delivering the movie/show. Your internet connection works fine CONNECTING...but that's a small burst of information you're getting from Netflix's server.


It's the VIDEO that's the bandwidth Hog....the real download from the Netflix server. And that's where the issue can be. Or it can be how much bandwidth you rent from your internet provider too.


If you have 5mb/sec, that's pushing the limit of video (2mb/sec). And you need more for HD. If your the only one on, it can handle HD, but if you have more than one person online, you can cramp your video stream.


My house has two computers online, two internet connected TVs and even with 25mb/ doesn't mean I can run Video Quality at the highest setting, especially if there is a lot of demand on Netflix.


That's why I have mine set for the Medium setting....good picture, no degradation, and a lot more "connections" than the maximum setting.


There's times that maximum stops the show, spools the video, and I get kicked off.

Then I have to start the show again.


Demand is high in the evening, and especially on the weekend. That's where setting the Video Quality to Medium helps me get reliable connections to Netflix.


Works for me.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.

We pay for 10 mb cable through sudden link. so, Its plenty for the download. My setting on my netflix was already at medium. Suaully, when we're watching, nothing else is stealing signal in our household.


any chance of neighborhood interference with satellite dishes etc?


I'm still confused as to why my laptop re: wi-fi will enable us to watch netflix during those peak hours with no interuptions, but on our tV , also re wi-fi ,we will get the interuptions?

There's a slim chance you may have interference from your neighbors. My suggestion is change channels on your router like I did --




You see that 3rd picture with the Channel 7 setting?


My router was ROLLING the channels, and I selected/LOCKED the channel to channel 7. Less neighbors, more signal strength.


But...when you have a weak signal, the TV usually states it cannot CONNECT.


We are constantly getting dropped signals when watching Netflix between the hours of 6-9pm


If you're watching Netflix and you DROP the movie....that's usually the VIDEO QUALITY is too high or too many people online with Netflix.


If you attempt to access Netflix, and you cannot CONNECT to Netflix or any other service like BBC or MSNBC, then that's more related to the possibility that you DO NEED to switch to a Locked /Nonvarying Channel on your router.


Rolling frequencies can cause issues, because when you get near the higher frequencies, the Signal distance shrinks.


The laptop could be closer to your router, or the antenna or channel on it might be better.


The only other possibility is that your TV's connection (via software) is just plain bad.


Did I show you how to Disconnect/Reconnect your TV to Netflix?


No I didn't --




That reconnects your TV to your Netflix account with a brand new connection. I've seen that fix issues like yours.


You have a lot of possibilities that can mess with your TV set.


So....Set your Netflix account to Medium

Set your router channel to a low number like channel 7 or lower.


Deactivate/Reactivate a new connection on Netflix to get rid of any software glitches.


If you have any questions, just ask

Tips are greatly appreciated !


Thank you.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
How did you know that channel 7 had less neighbors and more signal strength?

Well, I remember when I was changing channels on mine, I was looking online about channels. I think 4 was the most popular channel, so I simply moved away from that channel and only found one other neighbor that showed up on channel 7 in my neighborhood.


When you select a channel, then go and look at your TV's network setup, the SSID shows how many neighbors are on that specific channel. That's when you select your SSID, and then put your router's password XXXXX


I honestly haven't had any issues since then. The only real problem I had recently...My Show on Netflix froze and was downloading more video. That's when I found out my Netflix setting was set the maximum Video Quality. I set it for Medium Quality and I've been watching The Cape for the last two days straight, with no problems.


No problems is what we STRIVE for...





TV Tech1 and other TV Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
We tried the lowest settings on Netflix and got no interuption (great!), but the picture was jerky. Have you experienced jerky motion on the lowest setting before? Or was it just the original quality of the movie?

I've had Jerky....I've even had to select the lowest setting too....


UGH ! Either Netflix is overcrowded....or you should Reset the Network settings on the TV, Deactivate/Reactivate the Netflix connection or SECURE your network wireless.



At shouldn't be having any problems with throughput.


It's like something is sucking bandwidth on your end or your Netflix/internet path is really throttled back.


How close is your router to your TV set? You haven enough Network/Lan cable to connect the TV directly to your router and see if that issue is related to the wireless versus Lan connection?


100Mb lan connection....10mb internet connection...unknown speed on the internet and can at least find out if the issue you have has anything to do with the Wireless section of your connection.


I think I'll set my unit for super Low resolution and watch a show I've been watching.


Let you know the results tomorrow morning (9:30 PM here)